Man run down by car during fight

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RANCHO SAN DIEGO — A fight that erupted between several groups of men at a fast-food restaurant near Cuyamaca College Monday ended when one of the combatants intentionally ran down another with a car, gravely injuring him, authorities said.

fast-food-road-rageThe victim, identified as 26-year-old Jorge Alberto-Rocha Osuna, was in a drive-through lane at the McDonald’s on Avocado Boulevard in Rancho San Diego with a companion, waiting for a food order, when two other vehicles pulled in behind them about 2:30 a.m., according to sheriff’s officials.

A man exited one of the newly arrived cars and started banging on the windows of the business and on the leading vehicle, prompting the victim and his companion to get out and confront him.

An argument ensued and soon turned into a fistfight, Lt. Glenn Giannantonio said. After the scuffle broke up, the victim and his companion got back into their vehicle and drove to their nearby home in the 3600 block of Avocado Village Court.

The drivers of the other two vehicles followed the victim to the residence. Once there, they revved their engines and squealed their tires on the driveway, after which one of them drove toward the victim, who was on foot in front of his home. The vehicle swerved past him, making no contact.

Darius Watkins-Risberg, 19, was accused of doing the same thing, but after veering by the victim backed up and rammed him in reverse, pinning him up against a wall and leaving him with broken bones and serious head trauma, Giannantonio said. Both assailants then fled.

Medics took Osuna to Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, where he was admitted in critical condition and placed on life support. He was not expected to survive, Lt. Clayton Lisk said.

Watkins-Risberg returned to McDonalds Monday afternoon and voluntarily went to the Lemon Grove Sheriff’s station, Giannantonio said. He was arrested and booked in jail and faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.


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