Bikers rally at border for release of U.S. Marine

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SAN DIEGO — About two dozen motorcyclists gathered Saturday for what they called a peaceful ride of solidarity to the border in San Ysidro to call for the release of jailed Marine Sgt. AndrewTahmooressi.

“I have yet to hear the occupant of the White House even mention Sgt. Tahmooressi’s name. Someone has to do something,” said John Harrington, who organized the rally.

Harrington left his home in Texas to ride 1,400 miles to San Diego for a protest. Along the way, his small group of riders got bigger.

“It’s been a wonderful testament to that American spirit that is alive and well – but is not represented in D.C.,” said Harrington.

photoMotorcyclists said they’re furious the U.S. government has not done more to free Tahmooressi, who’s been locked up in Mexico for more than two months after he said he accidentally crossed the San Ysidro checkpoint with registered guns in his truck.

“We want to stand up for our own. He’s our countryman. If we don’t stand up for him, what happens when they come for you or any of these guys? We have a duty to serve each other,” said Mollie Powell, who flew in from Florida for the border rally.

What adds to the anger is the recent release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for Taliban prisoners.

“By all accounts from people on the ground with him (Bergdahl) – was nowhere near the patriot Sgt. Tahmooressi is. He might have been a deserter, possibly a traitor. But we move heaven and earth to get him home,” said Harrington.

A. TahmooressiOrganizers are planning another rally at the border for the 4th of July weekend.

“It’s up to our officials to decide what that ride’s going to be. It can be a solidarity and celebration ride into Mexico or it can be a ride of protest,” Harrington said.


  • imnotrich

    It is impossible to "accidentally" cross the conspicuously marked international border at San Ysidro. Especially if you've already crossed and crossed back earlier that same day.
    Can't say I'm unsympathetic, the economy is tough for all of us these days but if he was truly incapacitated/a danger to himself and others etc there are laws requiring the VA to have him locked up until he can get the help he needs. The only part of this alibi that kinda makes sense is that the VA has been derelict in serving our veterans, and in the long run I hope to see lots of VA employees being sent to gitmo where many other enemies of America reside.

  • jujuj

    That kid broke the laws.and was up to something and nothing good. You can't accidentally cross the san Ysidro boder. Be is lying.

    • LibertyLane

      Really, well berhgdol deserted, and they got him back at the cost of 5 Taliban murderers….I think blocking the road is in order here. Need hundreds more bikers and big rigs. Block the road in and out of Mexico, until his release.

  • True Patriot

    It's so disrespectful to call the President of the United States an "Occupant" of the White House. I myself am a Republican and very much a Conservative US Navy Veteran from Naval Base Coronado. It's one thing to voice your opinion of how things are but its entirely another to disrespect the present chain of command. I'm not particularly happy with everything that goes on in Washington D.C. but thats why I vote! And I wasn't particularly happy with the former President during Operation Desert Shield/Storm or The invasion of IRAQ, (but I respected him as our President then and now) either but we as the military have a job to do. THAT'S WHAT LOYALTY IS! THAT'S WHO AMERICANS ARE! WE VOTE FOR A POTUS AND WE STICK WITH HIM!! IT MAKES US AS AMERICANS LOOK WEAK TO THE REST OF THE WORLD WHEN WE ARE NOT UNIFIED. EVERYONE LOOKS UP TO US. Whether you like it or not he is our COMMANDER AND CHIEF!! doesn't make the job easier for my fellow brothers with present "boots on the ground". Civilians, Veteran's need to understand there is a chain of command that still exists. USE IT OR DON'T COMPLAIN. As for this soldier he not the only one who has been caught going into TJ or any other part of Mexico when HE'S not supposed to be there. It's sad but U GOT CAUGHT!! THATS IT! HES ALSO A MARINE!! He is very aware of what he should and shouldn't do. It's listed in our UCMJ. Marines don't make mistakes.

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