Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to woo Tesla in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO – Driving an electric Tesla Model S sedan, the governor of Texas whisked into the state capital of California on Tuesday with a not-subtle message that he wants to keep nabbing businesses from the Golden State.

Tesla’s Model SAlthough in the state for a series of local political fundraisers, Republican Gov. Rick Perry made no secret of his hopes to win a huge, new battery factory that Tesla Motors is planning to build in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or, possibly, California.

Perry, in sunglasses and a business suit, said he’d like to add Tesla to a high-profile list of businesses that have relocated facilities to the Lone Star State. In April, he claimed credit for persuading Toyota Motor Corp. to move its U.S. headquarters and 3,000 marketing and finance workers from Torrance to the Dallas suburb of Plano.

Outside a Sacramento hotel on a 103-degree afternoon, he told reporters he enjoyed driving the Tesla but would have preferred “if it had a made-in-Texas bumper sticker.”

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