Photo of breastfeeding graduate goes viral

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LONG BEACH, Calif. – A young mother did more than earn a degree at her graduation ceremony – she fed her baby.

Karlesha Thurman brought her 3-month-old daughter to commencement at Long Beach State University over the weekend.

A picture taken at the event has ignited a firestorm online.




  • Natalie

    "There is a time and a place…" ??? Really?! It's called… when the baby is hungry, feed it. People don't realize that not every baby can take a bottle. 2 of my 4 blatantly refused bottles from the time they were newborns until almost a year old! And believe me, I tried…. DAILY… to get them to take one so it would be easier and less awkward for myself while out. It never happened. All they ever did was cry and scream until I gave them the breast. People don't actually suggest that you starve your baby just because their hunger is not during the right time or place do they? I commend this woman for doing what she did. Thank you Karlesha for showing people, everywhere, what motherhood is. (in case people don't realize… its taking care of your child even during tough situations and doing what you need to to nurture that child).

  • 7again

    Anyone who considers hiring this woman should be prepared for the worst. She obviously lacks the slightest degree of awareness on what is appropriate behavior. Exposing yourself in public at a formal event is bad enough, but to post it on social media demonstrates a high degree of bad judgement.

  • Mikey Angelo

    I'm sure one of her 7 sisters, Lakwanda, Shanekwa, Lafonda, Shantell, is nursing. They could have watched the baby!

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