Motorcyclist dies in freeway crash

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Fatal Motorcycle Crash I-5SAN DIEGO — A stretch of northbound Interstate 5 closed after a two-vehicle crash that killed a motorcyclist was reopened early Monday, authorities said.

The rider and another driver crashed at about 10:30 p.m. Monday near the Sea World Drive onramp, according to the California Highway Patrol. The motorcyclist’s name was not immediately available.

Authorities closed the freeway’s northbound lanes after the crash and diverted traffic alongside the center divider, according to the CHP.


    • luis

      Did you see it,, that you are sure of it,, a recent documentary states that most motorcycle accidents happen because drivers are not alert and arte diverted by texting, or any other activity were the driving is not the primary focus..
      I think even if you saw this accident as you caling that he was probably driving as an idiot, you should consider that it is a human like that was taken,,, and the rider will loose against drivers not being alert.

      • Anne

        You are making quite the assumption that Luis is saying that he was an idiot because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He just reporting what his wife saw. I also passed the accident and saw that he wasn’t wearing a helmet. But who knows if he would have lived if he had worn one. We don’t have any additional information about the accident.

        This was incredibly tragic and very disturbing to see. Fortunately many people pulled over to protect the victim’s body until the emergency responders showed up.

    • Anne

      Sorry Luis! I got confused with the formatting! I didn’t see that your comment and Fred’s were attributed differently. I agree with you and should have responded to Fred.

      I’m sorry that you saw this as well.

  • luis

    I did not see it happen but my wife and I made a prayer as we drove by, she did notice that his helmet was off and facing down,, thank God for all those who stopped to render help..

    May he rest is Peace, and he will be in our prayers.

  • oscar

    I had the pleasure of serving with this man! Not only here in the us but also in Japan for 4 years. As a fellow rider and service member some people on this Web site and other websites don’t show him any respect! And to those I say screw you and what do you do for this nation

  • ABFAN Fulgencio

    Same with Oscar, I did worked with this guy back when I was still active member in Japan 2010-2013… We both worked in the same ship, same department, and most especially we shared the same flightdeck of the GeeDub… And even if we (the deceased and !) may have not in good terms back then but I could say he is a good person and that he needs the utmost respect… RIP ABF2 Floyd…

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