Letter suggests stronger link between Dumanis, foreign donor

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SAN DIEGO — Evidence surfaced Monday suggesting that San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who is seeking her fourth term, was closer to a Mexican businessman accused of political corruption than she previously admitted.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis

Credit: Los Angeles Times

At a federal court hearing, Dumanis’ main challenger, Robert Brewer, asked a judge to make public a letter Dumanis wrote on behalf of a relative of Jose Susumo Azana Matsura, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The judge refused the request on the eve of the primary election. When contacted by reporters about the letter, the Dumanis campaign declined to comment.

The letter was written on official District Attorney letterhead to University of San Diego President Mary Lyons in support of an application by Azano’s relative to attend the school.

Brewer said the letter show there was “a quid pro quo for the $200,000-plus that he [Azano] paid to benefit her campaign.”

Azano allegedly gave the money to Dumanis’ unsuccessful 2012 mayoral campaign.

The letter was written in September 2012 after Dumanis lost the mayoral primary but before Azano and other were indicted.

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