Escondido checkpoint nets 4 arrests

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escondido-police-department-patrol-carESCONDIDO, Calif. – Four suspected drunken drivers were arrested at an overnight checkpoint in Escondido, a police lieutenant said Saturday.

Nearly 1,450 vehicles passed through the checkpoint in the vicinity of Centre City Pkwy and Decatur Way, Escondido police Lt. Justin Murphy said.

Officers also cited 10 unlicensed drivers, two with suspended licenses and one without insurance, according to Murphy.

The checkpoint was funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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    I walked over to one of those checkpoints once and this hippy handed me a card with the Bill of Rights on it. I asked him what he would do to protect the public from drunk drivers and what other options he had for public safety and he drew a blank…. naturally.

    So it's ok for my family to be killed by a drunk but it's not ok to inconvenience someone for a moment to see if they're a threat to my family and the public at large?? Weak…

  • anony

    Glad they netted so many arrests. They need more of these all the time! Particularly surprised at suspended licenses. These idiots shouldn't even be on the road. Wish they had caught the Escondido resident that was driving a blue PT cruiser on a suspended license (with no insurance also) before he managed to hit my car the other day and run off. $2000 damage to my car and he (the coward) took off!! Hope he rots in jail one of these days. What is wrong with people?

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