Team to ride from SF to LA on fixed-gear bikes

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SAN DIEGO — A 32-year-old man rode a bike 545 miles over seven days last summer in the AIDS Lifecycle, and he can’t wait to do it again with his team.

Rob Broulliard loved what he witnessed on the bike trip so much that when he returned he sold his car and bought a bike that was a little more deserving of the amount of riding he was doing.

Team Cretins 5 29 14He also found four colorful and committed friends willing to take on the challenge of riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

“I started asking every good friend I had if they would like to join me in feeling that same soul elation change,” he said.

They named themselves the Cretins, a self-described do-it-yourself punk-rock-based group with hundreds of tattoos, and a goal to raise $17,000.

“He was like a new person when I saw him again,” said Team Cretin teammate Ronnie Shaw. “And he was telling me about ride and how stoked it was. I just instantly wanted to be a part of it.”

The Cretins plan to ride all seven days and 545 miles on fixed gear bikes – something no other team has done in the 21-year history of this event. That means their bikes have just one gear, and they don’t coast, so they will have to pedal the entire time.

“There’s a little bit of bragging rights,” said 34-year-old Jason Boyle. “But I mean, it’s more of like a personal, ‘Dude, we did it.'”

“And the fact that, like I said, we could do it for this charity and actually raise money, raise awareness and just kind of get people, even donors and just everybody, excited about it — it just makes it that much better,” Boyle said.

Starting June 1, the five San Diegans will spend an average of six hours per day on their bikes. And if the way they look, covered in tattoos and body piercings, attracts others to look, well, they say they look forward to that.

“The main thing that people seem to be focusing on is that people like us are giving our whole year up to do charity every year,” Broulliard said. “This is what we do. We get our smiles off of seeing other people get to get what they need.”

Anyone interested in donating to the Team Cretin’s AID Lifecycle fundraiser – click here.

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  • CarlHungus

    big freakin' deal. this is one of the flattest parts of the US. any fool could jump on a bike and make this ride. why is this even news?!?!

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