Vandal modifies SeaWorld sign

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UPDATED [August 20, 2014]: “Jackass” star Steve-O claims credit for “SeaWorld Sucks” prank

SAN DIEGO [May 25, 2014] – Drivers heading south on Interstate 5 near Mission Bay Sunday may have noticed one of the highway signs was defaced by a critic of SeaWorld San Diego.

California Highway Patrol received calls around 3 p.m. Sunday saying three men parked a car on the shoulder of I-5, ran across the southbound lanes with a ladder then one of them climbed on the sign. They covered over the word “exit” to make the sign read “Sea World SUCKS.”

The incident happened amid protesting outside SeaWorld over Memorial Day weekend.  Protestors expressed their concern of the orcas being held in captivity.

Incidentally, comedian Steve-O of the “Jackass” movie series was seen on the side of the highway about an hour after the sign had been vandalized. He showed up with a camera crew to shoot a video segment.

Steve-O at Sea World Sucks sign

Steve-O and his video crew was seen on the side of I-5 near the defaced SeaWorld sign.

Steve-O is a well-known animal rights activist who has received awards from PETA, which has a long-standing disagreement with SeaWorld over its captive killer whale program.

Days before the highway sign was defaced, PETA sponsored a controversial sign at San Diego’s airport discouraging tourists from visiting the theme park.

Steve-O denied any involvement with the prank and CHP investigators said he is not a suspect.

CalTrans restored the sign by Sunday evening.

“This act of vandalism demonstrates that, once again, these extremists are more concerned with publicity stunts than actually helping animals,” SeaWorld San Diego spokesman Dave Koontz stated Sunday.



  • my2cnz

    There goes SeaWorld calling those who oppose captivity 'extremists,' again. If you ask Granny (in #7) she'll tell you she's pretty darn tired of your propaganda! Listen to the many Voices of San Diegan's, who are no different than those of us out on the streets protesting. Is that all you've got, Koontz?

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      • Martha Sullivan

        For a very long time, the majority supported slavery, denying women the right to vote, segregation … The arc of history bends toward justice, and we DO evolve. It is only a matter of time.

        • Guest

          You aren't really comparing apples to apples though. More like apples to oranges. If you PETA supporters really did care about animals, you would use the money for your fancy advertising more for conervation and protecting. Care speaks louder than hate and SeaWorld has been proving that in the last few months. Wise up.

          • Brenden Long

            When Seaworld rescues an animal it spends more telling the world about than it does on the care of the animal. They get more free advertising from it than anything else. Tobacco companies have charity branches, doesn't make them health care companies.

          • Martha Sullivan

            Really? According to SeaWorld San Diego's rescue program manager recently, they have rescued 165 animals this year. This by a park that earned about $280 million last year according to its public report. The nonprofit Pacific Marine Mammal Ctr in Laguna Beach has over 100 seals and sea lions in its hospital CURRENTLY. SeaWorld tries to greenwash its confinement of highly intelligent, socially sophisticated marine mammals, that is all.

  • Jason

    Let's see SeaWorld drugs it's animals, forces them to live in tiny tanks and perform stupid tricks every day of their lives. And it has the nerve to label it's critics extremists. Get the message SeaWorld, San Diego doesn't want what you do anymore. Time to change or get out of town.

      • Martha Sullivan

        What part of "change or leave town" don't you understand? San Diego's stature as a world class tourist destination is going to suffer as the worldwide movement for more humane and ethical treatment of animals grows. Captive cetacean (whale and dolphin) shows have been banned in South Carolina, India, Chile, Greece and Hungary. None in the UK since 1993. European Union has banned products tested on animals, and the cruelty-free market is rapidly growing. SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. needs to evolve with its market, or it will continue to experience the drop in attendance, as in 13% in the first quarter of this year over last.

          • Martha Sullivan

            It's the marketplace that decides. Like when SoCal Edison finally recognized that the defective San Onofre nuke plant was a money-loser and closed it permanently.

    • saul

      Maybe you should get out of town…. sea world will never leave san diego it brings tourist and sorry to say but san diego would rather cater to those who bring money than you libtards

      • Martha Sullivan

        You mean to dwindling # of customers? 13% drop in the 1st Qtr of this year over last. And SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. props up revenues by increasing prices.

        • tim

          Martha you need to realize something. that 13% drop is for ALL OF THEIR PARKS not just the 3 SeaWorlds. 5 of their parks are seasonal and are not open during the first Quarter of the year yet still cost them in upkeep and security. because of this they include it in their financial Book keeping. secondly Spring break, a big time for the Parks came in the beginning of the second Quarter and not the end of the first. this to would explain their numbers being down. The reports we need to watch and look at are second and third Quarter reports along with the year end. this will tell us if PETA and Blackfish have had any lasting effect on SeaWorlds Bottom line.

          • Martha Sullivan

            And how does SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. keep its profits up? It raises prices on its customers.

      • marisa

        I’m no “libtard” or extremist, that being said, orcas really don’t belong in captivity. Watch the documentary Blackfish for a little education. It just aired on CNN, and a few other channels. I don’t agree with how those people protest, but I wish people were a little more educated about how unfit those animals are for captivity. Convicts have more room in their cells, and are not sensory deprived.
        On another note, people would listen to your points more if you left out the insults. :)

  • Steeeve

    I would say defacing public property is pretty extreme! And where are the people in the streets? I haven't seen any protests over this. I have respect for people who protest the right way, but you lose your message when you resort to acts like this.

    • Martha Sullivan

      You don't get out much, do you? There were 1000 people demonstrating outside TankWorld San Diego this past Saturday, and there are a few hundred there at least once a month. Saturday was worldwide Empty the Tanks Day, there were demos outside thousands of marine parks worldwide. Fox5 covered it!

          • Mark S.

            So you were protesting too? Honestly there were about 900 people who came throughout the protest. At it's peak there about 400 to 500 at one time. For anyone to come out and devote their time and energy means something. Even it's just 2 people. How many protestors do you see in front of DisneyLand or Universal Studios. When you are in the business of family entertainment and you need the police and tons of security at your front gate then something is wrong with your business.

          • guest

            Blackfish was pure lies and mis information. Any intelligent person can research and find out for themselves that it was lies but peta supporters arent the brightest bulbs in the bunch. They prefer to drink the peta Kool-aid.

          • Chris Anderson

            What were the lies? No trainers were killed? Young orcas were not separated from their mothers? Orcas don't live in tiny tanks? Sorry but you don't need a film to see the truth. I'm no animal rights extremist but even I can see that this is past it's time and is cruel.

          • Amanda

            Can't argue or even have a civil conversation with someone that hides behind "guest". I am assuming "it" is a Sea World troll

          • Nikki

            Actually any intelligent person can research and find out for themselves that it is scientifically proven that Orcas live longer in the wild than they do in captivity. I did a research paper on this before Blackfish even came out and could not find any scientific article that stated otherwise.

  • stan

    they do realize this just makes them and their cause look like a bunch of immature teenage idiots or something right…..AND it also gives sea world free press/attention since everyone who reads this is going to think the person that did this is a moron.


    So of all people you asked for an opinion regarding the so-called "extremists", you go to the SeaWorld spokesman? What the fuck did you think he was going to say?

    Once again, Fox news delivering you THEIR side of the story.

    • Animal abuse sucks

      You know that artical ” truth about blackfish” has been proven to be half truths and flat out lies. Just a bunch of propaganda for the sheep to feed on.

      • guest

        Blackfish was pure lies and mis information. Any intelligent person can research and find out for themselves that it was lies but peta supporters arent the brightest bulbs in the bunch. They prefer to drink the peta Kool-aid.

    • donut<3

      Both sides are releasing propaganda that will sway you towards their side. the key part is they are BOTH PROPAGANDA!!! watch an unbiased documentary about these animals in the wild and you will find out the lies that are in this article that you are promoting. also common sense can help weed out the lies. I work with a dolphin trainer at her second job and we have intelligent, educated, productive debates and I can recognize the things that she believes simply based off what sea world tells her and what is real based off of watching far more documentaries than just blackfish. she makes some valid points against re-releasing them into the wild or to stop breeding in captivity. there is a long way to go for a real solution and people need to focus on that and not short term protesting for attention expecting it to make a difference but you cant whole heartedly promote that article. they have a business to protect and they will do it by any means possible, even lies.

  • Martha Sullivan

    Oh YEAH, SeaWorld NEVER does publicity stunts nor harm animals … Whaddya think those loud FIREWORKS every night do to the poor animals in your park, much less the companion animals and wildlife who live nearby? Oh Yeah, SeaWorld SUCKS.

  • Martha Sullivan

    SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. has vandalized nature by confining intelligent, socially sophisticated marine mammals who swim 100 miles a day in the wild to concrete tanks 1/1000th that size. WHO is the vandal?

    • guest

      See you are spouting peta lies again ! They swim up up 100 miles a day to look for food. duhhh. If the food supply is 10 feet away then they swim 10 feet. Another Kool-Aid drinker !

      • Martha Sullivan

        Seriously? You think it is OK for massive, intelligent and socially sophisticated animals to live in a space equivalent to a prison cell for us humans? And live in chlorinated water that damages their eyes and skin? And grind their teeth down chewing on the bars and rubbing them against the walls — requiring teeth to be drilled out and irrigated several times daily to reduce infection?

        • guest

          You are repeating what peta tells you . Do you have any thing to say that you havent heard from someone else ?

          • Amanda

            That is the way you learn what something is all about by talking to other people… so that is a moronic argument. I have grown up San Diego and many of my friends went to school thinking they wanted to work with Sea World out saving the waters from evil and such. First of all Sea World makes it's own "education" plan, as to what you tell visitors. They honestly believe that Sea World knows best. In fact, when you ask host there about the many pods that have many members that live well into their 70's (tracked by individual scientists and schools) but Sea World's orcas live into their 20's maybe 30's. They have no answer. I think PETA is an extremist group with their own agenda in mind. But just because someone questions and challenges Sea World's corporate intentions, doesn't mean they are Kool-Aid drinkers. It means they are educated individuals that think the business of breaking up animal families for your entertainment needs to be stopped.

      • Nikki

        What about the collapsed dorsal fins and the fact that they live much longer in the wild than in captivity. PETA may say these things but it's all supported by scientific research. Please, educate yourself.

        • tim

          you are wrong on both accounts. collapsed dorsal Fines does happen in the wild. as a mater of fact in the southern residence pod of orcas almost 25% of the male whales have collapsed Dorsal fins. as far as living longer , the reaserch is still out on that, as everything I have read and researched my self, Average life span is any where from 30-60 years depending on the sub species of Orca. Seaworld has whale's now in their 30's and 2 of them older then 40.

          • Martha Sullivan

            Granny was sighted recently in Pacific Northwest, estimated age 103. At least 136 orcas taken from the wild since 1961, 13 of them survive today — median lifespan in captivity = 4 years. 3 of the 13 are here in San Diego (Corky2, Kasatka and Ulises). They are survivors of forced labor camps.

          • tim

            just because they estimate one whale out of a thousands is 103 it dose not mean all will live that long. out of that 136 how many where caught just for seaworld, caught for marine parks in the U.S. and done before 1970. its been Illegal to capture wild orcas and other marine animals here in the U.S. Lastly where do you get that the median life span of captive orcas is only 4 years. your joking right? I will be honest I don't know the exact number and as soon as I find it ill give it to you, but most of the whales at all 3 Seaworld parks are in their teens and 20's.

      • kbw

        Let’s see how a human likes living in a space that small, scaled down to our size. Sounds like a cell to me, and to be put in one against your will without ever even doing anything wrong? How is that “rescuing” anything? I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand about why SeaWorld sucks.

      • Andy

        I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm or not because this is logic is so terrible I can't believe someone would actually believe that. If you had a constant food supply in your room 24 hrs a day, would you never want to leave your room? Would you suddenly not feel confined, simply because their is food present. No, of course not. You'd still have the desire to move, be free, explore, etc. This is the same as whales, and any other creature on the planet. Why do you think dogs are so excited to go for walks? Obviously not because they are on the hunt for food!

    • greg

      When Seaworld rescues an animal it spends more telling the world about than it does on the care of the animal. They get more free advertising from it than anything else. Tobacco companies have charity branches too.
      Lets also not forget how SW pollutes Mission Bay.

  • bms

    We went to SeaWorld just yesterday with the family. We did get free tickets, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have gone. SeaWorld isn’t going anywhere. Anyday you drive by there are thousands of cars and people. I live in mission and drive by everyday and never see any one with signs. I do think it’s wrong how they started but they have rescued and saved tons of whales and dolphins that have been injured etc. Why isn’t anyone concerned with the zoo or wild animal park? Same thing. SeaWorld generates so much money, they aren’t going to pick up and leave because some idiot put “sucks” on a sign.

    • Freedom

      Rescued tons of whales and dolphins? Show me proof. How many injured whales do you think there are in the sea that come to the shore for help? Please.

    • Shiloh

      Seaworld spends less than 1% of its profits on animal rescue. They have also never rescued an orca. And just because the current focus is Seaworld, doesn't mean they aren't concerned with zoos, or other parks. But yes, they generate so much money, that's all they care about, they care very little about the animals.

    • Martha Sullivan

      SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. says in San Diego it has rescued 165 animals so far this year — a park that earned $280 Million last year. The nonprofit Pacific Marine Mammal Ctr in Laguna Beach has over 100 seals and sea lions in its hospital right now. TankWorld greenwashes its abusement park with token rescues of wildlife.

      • JustMe

        That part of SW is great! But keeping GIGANTIC Orcas in swimming pools is cruel & that is the point! SW needs to change their business model – Rescue, Rehabilitate, and RELEASE – they could still make a ton of money. And NO, I am not associated with PETA.

    • Martha Sullivan

      There were 1000 people demonstrating outside TankWorld San Diego this past Saturday, and there are a few hundred there at least once a month. Saturday was worldwide Empty the Tanks Day, there were demos outside thousands of marine parks worldwide. Fox5 covered it!

      • tim

        I was there Saturday. there was no more then 200 People protesting so stop the lies. SeaWorld on the other hand had thousands of visitors who don't give a crap about your protests.

          • tim

            I was there all day and there was only one location. also per 3 news sources there where some where around 200 protesters.

          • Martha Sullivan

            No, there were 2 locations — one by the drive-in entrance (smaller) and another out on SeaWorld Drive at SeaWorld Way (much larger). There was a count of the larger one at its peak, about 11:30-noon, and it was a bit more than 800. Add in those at the smaller demo by the entrance, plus those enroute between the 2 and we had close to 1000.

            And yeah, the news is always accurate about protest size — NOT.

      • tim

        wheres your Prof. that is one of the biggest lies that comes from anti caps. SeaWorld dose all it can to keep inbreeding from happening, just like all Zoos and Marine parks.

    • Nikki

      I know that they do in fact help marine mammals which is great, but that doesn't mean it's okay to keep others in captivity. What they should do is stop the shows and use those giant tanks as a rehab facility for injured mammals. I know they aren't going anywhere but it would be great if they could change the purpose of their park and start giving people CORRECT information.

  • Freedom

    It's a piece of paper with tape. Hardly vandalism. Best thing I've seen in awhile. Kidnapping intelligent, sensitive orcas from their family, holding them prisoner in small tanks for decades and doing all this under the guise of "education." Let's try this. We kidnap you from your family, we lock you up, a human, for the next 25 years in a small, dark space without freedom or interaction with your family. We let you out to perform human tricks to entertain a gathered audience of a different life form who are curious about humans. Go ahead. Dance, sing, speak, clap your hands. Good human. Now we give you and ice cream cone treat for behaving and performing what we trained you to do. Oh, you fail to perform, well, no food until you do as we trained you. Okay, back in your dark room until tomorrow when we will take you out again to entertain at our show. Sound good?

    • Faith

      Kind of sounds like prison to me and MANY humans are there I think that it is like 25% of the adult population of the USA. ( could be off but not by much) And many that are in there are innocent. Seaworld does wonders for the world by jobs, and caring for the wildlife it is constantly rescuing and educating the public on these wonderful animals. Seaworld is not going to be stopped by FARTS petty actions. Yall are tilting at windmills

      • Martha Sullivan

        I hate our country's prison obsession for people too — another system which exploits the innocent and/or defenseless for profit. SeaWorld San Diego made about $280 million last year, and its rescue program manager said on the news last week that they've rescued 165 animals so far this year. The nonprofit Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach has 100 seals and sea lions in its hospital CURRENTLY. SeaWorld's rescue work is a token to try to greenwash its unnatural confinement of massive, highly intelligent and socially sophisticated marine mammals. What can the public learn from seeing these creatures in a cement tank? Clearly the last 50 years have done NOTHING to reduce pollution of their habitat. The only orcas designated endangered are the Southern Resident Killer Whales, decimated by the captive industry in the 60s and 70s.

      • T.T.

        25% of the adult population is in prison?? C'mon that isn't even logical! You think we have the facilities to accommodate a fourth of our citizens?? No way Jose! THINK and use rational logic.

  • Dale Birmingham

    Hilarious these low IQ protesters probably have a fish bowl sitting on their counter, feeding them fish flakes staring at the fish crying about the big fish at Sea World. Please, dim libs, stay home eating your Doritos and don't have any children.

    • Judi

      Hahahahaha! Whales and Dolphins are NOT fish. Your ignorance is showing. They're smarter than you. If anybody shouldn't be having children, it's you. We don't need anymore selfish morons paying to see intelligent animals being forced to perform in a circus for your low IQ amusement.

      • Ashley

        I've been wondering. Since whales are mammals, why is it called BlackFISH? That sounds pretty uneducated to me.

  • non-union

    PETA is sure acting like the unions. If you do not give them what they want, they bully you into it.

    • Freedom

      Show me where PETA is involved with protesting against Seaworld. Bullying? Show me an example of someone being bullied here. Someone pasting a piece of paper onto a sign… Is this what you consider bullying? Bullying is a very serious issue. Don't throw the world around lightly. Sounds like you just need to spout your non-union jargon without facts to back up your statement.

      • Martha Sullivan

        Uhhhh … Freedom, I agree with everything you wrote, except PETA proudly protests the confinement of marine animals at marine parks, including SeaWorld. Nothing wrong with this. I'm grateful to PETA and to the ACLU for suing the San Diego Airport Authority — a government agency — to honor 1st amendment and accept PETA's $17,500 for one month sign in a terminal asking visitors who love animals to avoid SeaWorld.

      • guest

        They, on a constant basis,get in children faces and show them graffic picture and tell them if they go to Sea World they are killing Shamu !

        • Martha Sullivan

          You realize that Dawn Brancheau's was horribly killed in front of an audience, including children, right? PETA isn't the one subjecting children to graphic violence.

    • Martha Sullivan

      SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc., a publicly traded corporation that earned $1.4 Billion last year, has bullied nature by confining intelligent, socially sophisticated marine mammals who swim 100 miles a day in the wild to concrete tanks 1/1000th that size. WHO is the bully?

  • Shiloh

    And even though the person that did this is an idiot (even though they are completely correct), by definition this is not vandalism, considering it's just tape.

  • Smart anticap protester

    I am one of the protesters.. But I do NOT associate myself with PETA. I have one concern– the welfare of the marine mammals held in captivity against their will and made to perform circus tricks in small pools. It is unethical and Sea World needs to change their business model.

    • tim

      Maybe if you had concerns you would take the time and go to SeaWorld and actually Sit Down and Talk to one of the trainers. those animals are well taken care of. by the Way why do people think these animals that weigh more then a ton Each could be forced to do any thing. and the Pools are not Small if you actualy spent time there you would realize this.

      • Amanda

        Tim, if you look at the records and videos, there are many trainers that have been killed by orcas that are irritated by the small spaces and lack of pod interaction. Mothers have have gone into deep depression because they rip their calves away from them too young and sell them to other parks just to live lonely lives in small tanks. I agree, I think that trainers do this with the love the animals in mind and are blind to Sea World's "expertise" but when you see how they act and react in the wild, it is so much different. I haven't seen Blackfish, I have talked to many trainers because I lived in San Diego for many years, and went to college with many soon to be trainers, and some of them were appalled by what they were told to do. They stay on hoping to make a change but the problem is that Sea World is a corporation that wants to make money and nothing more.

        • tim

          I have done my own research as well as well as talked to many trainers. not only do they love what they do they support SeaWorld and would not work there if they didn't believe in what SeaWorld dose to say otherwise is a lie. secondly yes there have been many injures. all of them fall on the trainers for doing stuff they should not have been doing. the only death at SeaWorld was Dawn who according to witnesses and the official police and coroners was dragged down by her hair. and that Tilly was not showing signs of aggression but was playing. all of this can be found in non Seaworld official reports available to the public . thirdly, Never has seaworld separated the young calves from their mothers. the youngest one they ever did separate was 4 years old and only because the mother was being aggressive Towards her Calf. lastly the Orcas at each Seaworld Park are considered their own pods. they get to interact with each other constantly. they are not lonely and their tanks are in no means 'Small". do I think they could improve sure I do but SeaWorld cares for their animals and you would know that if you would visit the Parks.

      • AC

        Tim. Look up an Orca named Lolita. Even if you dont care to read up on it, look it up under images & then try to tell me that their tanks aren’t too small. It rediculous to think that this is not cruel.

        • Chris

          You're comparing Miami Seaquarium to SeaWorld? I personally think Lolita's tank is far too small, especially paired with the three porpoises also with her, but to compare SeaWorld's absolutely huge tanks to Seaquarium's is just ignorant.

        • tim

          I have, Lolita is not at SeaWorld she is at a place called Miami Seaquarium. yes I agree tha tank they have her in is to small. Seaworlds tanks are a lot Bigger, I would say easily say 5-6 times Bigger. so to compare the 2 is comparing apples to oranges.

      • Freedom

        Orcas swim over 100 miles a day in straight lines as family units. You think trapping them in small pools with artificial chlorinated water and forcing them to swim in endless circles with little to no mental stimulation that their natural life in the sea would provide isn't abuse? Sure Sea World feeds their captive orcas, they are their keeping their money makers alive. Dead whales are of no value to a corporate zoo.

        • tim

          Seaworld dose not put Chlorine in the tanks, this is a myth. the fact is the chlorine they do use is on the water after it leaves the tank before it gets released back in to the bay. both trainers and marine Biologist have confirmed this. The chlorine never comes in to contact with any SeaWorlds Animals

  • j2k

    “Sea world sucks”has 20000 likes on Facebook. Just saying. We ain’t extremists just realists.

  • AC

    Tim. They are starved so they’ll perform tricks for food, that how they control them… to all you other naysayers about seaworld being a cruel facility, what do you gain? A place to take your children to see whales & dolphins? Go on a whale watching expedition, then. Go see them in they’re natural habitat. There is no reason these massive creatures should be held in a tank for amusement. They operate under the disquise of research, much like japanese whaling vessels. So tell me again, what is it that you people plan to achieve? You call us libtards & other names because we care? Take you own bullying & negativity elsewhere. If you arent part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    • tim

      Again they are not starved. that is the dumbest argument I have ever heard. any one who claims this has never been to the parks because if they had they would realize that the whales are not only well fed but well taken care of. I have been on 3 whale watching expedition and i can tell you that out of 3 i only saw a humpback whale once and never an Orca. as far as research they are CONSTANTLY doing research in conjunction with the Hubbs Research Institute.

      • Martha Sullivan

        What prompted Tillikum's attack on Dawn was his frustration in not getting enough food reward. We are never going to be able to compensate for these creatures being kept in wholly unnatural conditions, no matter how much research SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. commissions via Hubbs-SEA WORLD "Research Institute". All their research is about how to keep their assets performing, and how to create more. Their artificial insemination breeding program has produced orcas which would never existing nature. It IS a circus freak show.

      • Martha Sullivan

        You have had very bad luck with whale watch operators. You need to go with a more experienced one. I have many friends who see orca in the wild, in the Puget Sound area and off Los Angeles coast. We see whales spouting from the coast in San Diego all the time.

  • Chava Kronen

    Sea World has a major opportunity here, folks. The 21st Century needs to be about living in balance with all creatures. That means humans need to consume less, breed less, and give more…open their minds and hearts. We in the industrialized nations have the largest responsibility toward this end as we ALL have benefited and continue to benefit from the rape of nature. Sea World has many options to continue their mission to educate–keeping animals captive is not one of them. I don't like vandalism either–mainly because it illicits angry reactions. But hey, the *hit has hit the fan…. and it takes this type of response to poke us in the heart. Don't buy the ticket and let Sea World know why.

    • Freedom

      Exactly. Chava. It is time to evolve as humans and respect the rights of other living beings on the planet. Orcas are intelligent, thinking, sensitive creatures. It is time to realize that places like Sea World are an outdated concept of entertainment. It hurts the animals and reflects badly on us as evolved humans to treat another intelligent creature in such a way. Corporate greed by the exploitation of another species needs to stop.

  • Shawna

    Um first of all the sign is hardly defacing anything.. Looks to me that it merely peels right off.. No permanent damage…
    And second of all, I highly doubt that these duck taping extremists care more about publicity than the animals…what a dumb comment made by the writer of this article!

  • Jarrod

    The thing is that big corporations like Sea World do not make any actual effort to change for the better until there is public outcry. When a large portion of the public knows what they are doing is wrong and boycotts them, that hurts their pocket, so they change. Vandalizing this sign may not spread the word effectively enough to cause awareness of Sea World's practices on its' own. But the resulting publicity just might. I say job well done.

  • Mike D

    Dale Birmingham this isn't a lib or conservative issue, but a humanity issue. Better yet an inhumanity issue. You can't tell me you've watched 'Blackfish" on CNN and weren't moved emotionally in the first 10 minutes, hearing the babies crying out as well as the mothers. SeaWorld cares about its bottom line, period.

  • Sherry

    Sea World will probably be joining the long line of businesses moving out of California. They have already announced an agreement to open a new park in another country. The cost of doing business in CA is getting to be too high. Between the fourteen million they pay to San Diego for rent every year, the politicitions trying to force them to limit what they do with the animals, the protesters and the high taxes CA has on businesses it would be more profitable to move overseas The San Diego park is the oldest and many of the facilities are in need of costly repairs. It will be bad for San Diego and the employees but this is what I see happening in the next few years.

    • Martha Sullivan

      Sherry — SeaWorld San Diego made $280 Million last year. $14 million rent for prime waterfront property is NOTHING, especially when SeaWorld keeps getting cited for polluting the bay. If SeaWorld is so likely to leave California, why did it just open another theme park in Chula Vista: Aquatica? Without the performing animals.

  • Jasonlee

    You pussies… Orcas are animals, and animals get eaten, starve and die ALL on their own in the wild. So here are a very very few of them getting fed and housed and given a job, oh wait, now I understand, it the having a job part you don't like. We should go out and protect them, but heaven forbid some of them get a damn job and actually earn their keep. GFY you morons, I personally love to watch the pretty 'fish' swim in the tanks.

    • Martha Sullivan

      Seriously? You believe an apex predator in the ocean needs to "earn its keep" in a cement tank, eating frozen fish. That is just demented. We humans are the only threat to orcas.

  • Christian

    Sea World has long moved past any useful research. At this point while they justify the generation of revenue via their parks for research, the actual usefulness of what takes place there in regards to animal preservation is questionable at the very best. It's long past due for them to either come clean about being a sea life zoo, or take real steps toward preservation. The discovery that captivity has numerous negative effects on species such as dolphins an orca has long since been proven. The fact that they continue the practice past that point is rather counter to their stated intent of helping.

  • Fred

    Martha Sullivan. ….do us all a favor and STFU. No one cares about you, your twisted liberal thoughts, or anything you say except your sheeple who believe the BS in that movie….remember that was a MOVIE that was made TO MAKE MONEY and have weak minded people like yourself believe Sea World is a bad evil empire! You’re an idiot and all you morons who think Sea World is being hurt by a few hundred warped minded libertards like you are actually quite funny.

    • Martha Sullivan

      Right, I list a series of researched facts, and you unleash a stream of vitriol. Yup, Gandhi was right: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    • Martha Sullivan

      And BTW, SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. operates its parks to MAKE MONEY — $1.4 Billion reported last year. Blackfish earned a bit more than $2 Mill in 14-wk theater run in 2013. No doubt it has made more for CNN in advertising revenue during its record TV broadcasts, and it's doing well by Netflix. So, you admit that Blackfish is quite popular, hm?

  • like i care

    so i guess everyone is against seaworld for having captive animals in a small tank " so i've read so far" correct… everyone love animals, everyone wants the best for them right? so why don't i see all does 20000 likes on seaworld sucks fan page adopting all the stranded animals that are in the streets and shelters. its going to start with seaworld then its going to the zoos after aquariums then its going to make people stop hunting.

    • Martha Sullivan

      Are you omniscient? I know that I and many others who advocate for the orcas kept prisoner in tanks in marine parks also rescue animals of many different species — domestic and wild. I have 3 rescue dogs and I volunteer for a rescue shelter which saves dogs from high-kill pounds.

      As with the captive orcas, it takes education to get people to change their behavior to be more compassionate. With dog rescue, it is advocating spay/neuter and shutting down puppy mills. With captive orca, we need to do the same thing — stop breeding more captive orcas, which would never occur in the wild and perpetuate this archaic entertainment.

  • suizou

    Looks like Tank World AKA Anheuser-Busch AKA Busch Entertainment Corporation has it's disinfo trolls out in force.

    • Martha Sullivan

      SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. isn't owned by Anheuser-Busch any longer — a publicly traded corporation which went public last year, after one of the mega-private equity firms, Blackstone Group, bought it a few years ago. Now taking its profits out, which is what private equity firms do — this time on the backs of captive animals made to perform literally until they die. No retirement.

  • voiceoftruth19

    Dear god people it is just a couple animals not the whole dame population. Get over it. If you dont like it then dont go.

    • Martha Sullivan

      It is at least 52 orcas in captivity, not to mention the hundreds who have died in captivity or during captures. And you are right — if you don't like it, Don't Go! Exactly our message, thank you!

  • dailydebacle

    The most commented on stories are about saving the animals (usually whales and pit bulls).
    These "activists" worry more about animal rights then they do about human rights. Never see their comments on stories about genocide, domestic abuse, violent crimes, etc. Not surprising.

    • Martha Sullivan

      Are you omniscient? I comment about human rights abuses all the time. Actually came to humane advocacy after a decade+ of protesting the wars and the torture, civilian deaths, civil liberties violations … it is all the same thing, as so many of our leading thinkers have pointed out. There is a reason why animal cruelty is a marker for subsequent cruelty to humans.

  • dailydebacle

    Okay Martha, I'll admit I don't know everything.
    But I do know when someone overuses a word like "omniscient"!

    • Martha Sullivan

      The worthy rescue work that SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. funds is NO excuse for continuing its 50 years of exploiting and confining highly intelligent, socially sophisticated marine mammals. Just 13 orcas survive from the 137 taken from the wild since 1961, and the median lifespan in captivity is 4 years. Three of the survivors are here in San Diego (Corky2, Kasatka and Ulises) — WHEN do they get to retire?

      The world has changed over the past 50 years and SeaWorld must change with it if it is to survive. SeaWorld San Diego made $280 Million last year, as reported by publicly-traded SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. — yet according to its own rescue manager, it has rescued just 165 animals this year — while the nonprofit Pacific Marine Mammal Ctr in Laguna Beach has 100 seals and sea lions in its hospital CURRENTLY. Pathetic.

  • Fred

    Martha we get it, you don’t like Sea World….STFU. There’s a lot of things I don’t like…..#1 currently on my list is YOU AND your liberal uninformed, uneducated friends like you!!!! Go away! Where are you from anyways? I’m a San Diegan and I love Sea World, the world famous San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park. They all have lovely animals I enjoying visiting several times a year each. I don’t look at any of those parks as mean evil empires caging animals. I look at the other side. The side of conservation and keeping animals from extinction. Now go back to where ever you came from and leave our parks alone.

  • Fred

    Martha we get it, you don’t like Sea World. There’s a lot of things I don’t like…..#1 currently on my list is YOU AND your liberal uninformed, uneducated friends like you!!!! Go away! Where are you from anyways? I’m a San Diegan and I love Sea World, the world famous San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park. They all have lovely animals I enjoying visiting several times a year each. I don’t look at any of those parks as mean evil empires caging animals. I look at the other side. The side of conservation and keeping animals from extinction. Now go back to where ever you came from and leave our parks alone.

  • tim

    I get tiered of PETA and Anti caps saying holding whales in captivate Is inhumane. Guess what whales ARE NOT HUMAN. Why instead of focusing on Whales we focus on our selves. lets end Human trafficking, slavery, abortion, murder, rape, and all the other evils we humans inflict on each other . Maybe when we can do that and we can live in peace with each other, then maybe we can turn are focus to the Whales and other animals in Zoo's and Marine Parks.

  • Guest

    I actually have been reading both sides of this debate and I can see SOME valid points on both sides. While the people against sea world talk about captivity and small tanks which I think could be corrected with a little work. Then I see the people for sea world and read their arguments and see the posts about the care of the animals and how well they are fed. While reading this I am also sitting here thinking how many of these animals have been born in captivity? How many would know how to hunt for themselves if released? There is a lot to consider. I am neither for or against sea world because I am too busy being PRO best interest of the animals. Arguing and fighting do nothing to get your point across neither does vandalism. You can only provide information you have and ask questions that spark the thought which seems to be lacking in some people on both sides. Both sides are saying they are for the best interest of the animals and it would be nice if that was true I can't take anything PETA says seriously because they have been proven wrong on several occasions and are well known for exaggerating the truth. honestly the further away from those people you stay the better and hows about finding a link that isn't peta inspired or seaworld inspired.

  • CLRobert|R

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  • Kristinalon

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    Thank You.

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