Student’s yearbook quote could get her banned from graduation

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ATLANTA, Ga. – A high school student in Georgia might be banned from her graduation following the fallout over her quote printed in the school’s yearbook, according to a report.

Paris Gray is the senior class vice president, member of SADD and Beta Club, but she could be kept from her graduation next week, according to WSB-TV.

After yearbooks were distributed to students last week, school officials gave Gray an in-school suspension and kept her from a senior walk event.

YearbookGray’s quote printed in the yearbook read:

“When the going gets tough, just remember to Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfer[sic] Utranium[sic] Phospheros[sic].”

It’s the abbreviation for those elements that got her in trouble.

Gray told WSB-TV the message was not flagged by editors.

A school district spokesperson told WSB-TV that no final decision has been made.


  • guest

    So she said back that ass up, and it might stop her from getting to graduate. Hmm, lets see what they did when they were teenagers. There is too much of this stuff going on, they nitpik over every little thing lately.

  • Bill Davis

    What has happened to our " RIGHTS of FREE SPEECH " ???

    If she wrote something that the school did not want printed in the Yearbook ,, then the School should have PAID someone to look at all Comments in the WHOLE YEARBOOK " BEFORE " IT WAS PRINTED .

  • Amused

    Really?? I could think of comments that are much worse than that? Who was responsible for editing the yearbook? Shouldn't they be reprimanded for not catching it?? Would it have been better to say "barium carbon potassium thorium astatine barium uranium thorium thorium uranium phosphorus" ??

  • dailydebacle

    Must have done well in Chemistry. Any kids from Astronomy classes making statements about Uranus?

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