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Jailed Marine says 911 call proves innocence

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SAN DIEGO — Andrew Tahmooressi who has been held in Tijuana since his arrest March 31, may have found evidence that corroborates his claim of being lost when he wandered into Mexico with a cache of guns and ammo.

A. TahmooressiDuring a recent phone conversation with a family member, Tahmooressi recalled making a 911 call on the night of his arrest.

According to the California Highway Patrol, which administers 9-1-1 calls, Tahmooressi dialed for help at 11:30 p.m. from south of the border. The call was made an hour after he crossed into Mexico.

“My problem is that I crossed the border by accident and I have three guns in my truck,” said Tahmooressi during his conversation with the operator.

Tahmooressi is told there is nothing that can be done since he is on Mexican soil.

Prosecutors in Tijuana say the phone call does not change things and doesn’t excuse the fact the Afghan War Veteran drove into Mexico with illegal weapons.

Meantime, Fox 5 was granted access last week to a video made of Tahmooressi crossing the border into Mexico. It’s a color video captured by some of the 500 cameras placed on the Mexico side of the crossing. The video traces his arrival at the border and then follows Tahmooressi’s truck as he proceeds through the border check point. He does not appear to be lost or seeking help and does slow down to stop.

There are four possible stopping points at the check point as cars head south into Tijuana, four potential points where Tahmooressi could have asked for help. He drives past the first three until he is stopped at the fourth one. Two agents approach the truck and inspected. That’s when the weapons and ammo are found. The truck is then driven to a fenced off area and searched further my Mexican Army personnel who confiscate the weapons.

Throughout the process Tahmooressi, who is wearing a long-sleeve blue shirt and khaki pants, stands to the side not saying anything. A female customs officer is seen talking with him. No weapons are pointed at him at any point. Ultimately, Tahmooressi is handed a document, which he signs.

Prosecutors say this document contains his admission to carrying guns into Mexico.

The head of Tijuana’s Customs office, Alejandro Gonzalez, says Tahmooressi never mentioned being lost or confused at the crossing. Instead, Gonzalez told Fox 5 Tahmooressi talked about being on his way to visit friends and to seek medical care.

Prosecutors also say the Florida native had been in Tijuana several times and knew the lay out at the border.


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