Cocos victim loses 2nd home to wildfire

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. – The Cocos Fire destroyed dozens of homes in Coronado Hills, including Wayne Boyer’s property. Unfortunately for him, it’s not the first hope he lost to fire.

Rubble is all that’s left of Boyer’s $1 million, three-story home on Crest Wind Drive in Coronado Hills, a remote mountain-top community in San Marcos.

“The corner of that one tree caught on fire,” said Boyer. “[The winds were horizontal] and went right through our bedroom window and the whole house went up instantly.”

“It was like a tornado. and then the winds would hit it, and it was like a flame thrower!” Boyer said. “That’s what those cedar trees did. They ‘flamed throwed’ my house. Just burned it down within 10 minutes. It was just gone!”

A safe in the middle of the destruction looks like the only thing to be salvageable. Inside, Boyer said he stored important documents, memories, even his daughter’s wedding dress. He also had jewelry, guns and ammunition.

“It was strange not to have a home to come back to,” said Boyer. “I don’t have any clothes. I don’t have any underwear or socks or anything.”

“I was going to try and fight the fire, but there was nothing I could do. Even the firefighters told me they’re not going to come up in the area — it’s just too dangerous.”

This is the second time one of Boyer’s properties was destroyed by fire, and he says he may just cut his losses and move.

Dozens of structures were destroyed. One lot up the road belonging to Chuck and Karen Higby was scarred but spared. Chuck Higby said it was due to 200 feet of defensible space around his property.

“Right over there, that’s where the fire stopped,” said Higby.

“We were devastated and we watched our neighbors break down in tears,” Karen Higby said.

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