Wall of flames threatens San Marcos neighborhood

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Firefighters have evacuated residents from a San Marcos neighborhood and are setting up to make a stand against a wall of flames that is threatening dozens of homes.

FingersOfFlameFire officials have evacuated the homes around Via Del Campo, Paseo Tierra and Coronado Hills Road.

The hillside above the neighborhood is covered in flames.


  • Skip Coomber

    Your coverage has been fantastic. However, it would be very valuable to those in the area of the fires if the location of the fires could be shown on a map of some sort. Also, on air reporting would be more valuable if each time a fire was being shown a map could be included, or at least direct viewers to your site where they can see the location of the fire shown on a map.

  • LowPlainsDrifter

    Time to move out of the hills and back into the city.
    Is privacy and a view really worth losing your house?

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