Escondido teens arrested on suspicion of arson

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. – Escondido police arrested two teenagers Thursday night for allegedly starting at least two small brush fires.



Isaiah Silva (Photo: Escondido Police Department)

Officers arrested the pair Thursday at about 7:30 p.m. near the Westfield North County Mall   and were being questioned by arson investigators, Escondido police Chief Craig Carter said.

A witness called police after spotting two people set a fire near South EscondidoBoulevard at 6:30 p.m. About an hour later, another person called to say he was chasing two people he saw trying to start a fire in Kit Carson Park near Interstate 15 and Bear Valley Parkway, according to Escondido police.

Both fires were put out before they spread.

Police arrested 19-year-old Isaiah Silva of Escondido and a 17-year-old.

Authorities said they do not believe the suspects were involved in an of the wildfires burning throughout San Diego County.


  • Fred

    Oh those little kids…..causing millions in damages and parents probably on the government dole…..

      • bruce

        Yes Ron, so many people from south of the border are named Isaiah, just like Randy, Buffy and Bruce are common Spanish surnames

        • Keys

          Actually, Isaiah is a common Spanish name, believe it or not. He is bilingual (Span / Eng), according to his Facebook page that was recently shut down. The other boy is a blond kid with an Irish-sounding last name from the local high school.

    • guest

      It can just as easily be a bored child of rich parents who is frequently unsupervised. Have lived, worked in schools and volunteered in a few youth organizations in an affluent school district for over twenty years I knew of many such brats.

      Why don't you wait for facts?

  • Yadira

    Oh wow!!! They’re so dumb!!! After what’s happening all the fire burning they dumbly decide to start their own little dum fire wow no types of respect!!!!!!

  • derp

    ATTEMPTED MURDER. No? Brand them like cattle with a scarlet letter. Surely some of you bible-clutching Obama hating right wing fucktards would agree. I'm serious about the branding.

      • bruce

        Great addition to the discussion. And Obama started the fires to divert attention from BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! It's called ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome).

        • Guest

          It's really too bad that "BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI!" is being thrown around as a joke. People died in that attack, one of them being the highest ranked diplomat you can send to a country. I'm not here to talk about the past administration or their wrongs. When a sitting president misleads the country about how or why these people were killed – that's a problem that deserves a serious investigation.

    • Mark Shakleford

      Attempted murder, maybe… have you read the statutes for arson? I haven't.. I am just curious..

  • BBlunts410

    If these kids started a fire here in Escondido, there's no doubt in my mind that they are linked to the San Marcos fire, if not all the fires in the past three days. These kids have caused deaths, injuries, panic, confusion, polluted air, cancellations for schools, travel, businesses and roads, an extreme amount of damage to the environment, and last but not least, a loss of an unimaginable amount of money. When I say an unimaginable amount I mean the money it costs to employ firefighters, overtime, police, military, vehicle usage including gas and repairs for choppers, trucks, cars, planes, etc., the water and flame retardant, houses (some w/o insurance), the property in those houses, business, the loss of money from closed businesses/schools/roads, and lots of other costs that taxpayers will probably get F'ed with. These kids need to be seriously investigated and both tried as adults. F that, if I were the judge and proper evidence supported the link to multiple fires, I would give both of them the maximum sentence that the state allows. I'd also tell Convict Bubba and the boys to be stocked with some lube and some manly love for when those two teenage pyros arrive. Not cool at all kids. You're the problem with American society nowadays. In fact, its your whole generation. Instead of banging chicks, getting jobs and having a normal attention span, you psycho kids are out doing crazy stuff for your own sick pleasure. If I ever see you two on the street, you already know. I could be wrong, but if any evidence suggests these kids are linked to other fires, may they rot in a cell before they rot in hell. Have a nice couple last days on the outside punks…

    • Jay

      I have a feeling they're probably not linked to the other fires since they were spotted starting both of these. I'm assuming that if they were successful at starting all the others without being caught, then they would have figured a way to do it again but you never know…

      Great points made though. It's so disheartening to know that these two punks can attempt something like this; two kids who have NO idea what it's like to be a responsible adult and work hard for your money to build a home, keep up your yard, pay bills, properly raise your children, etc…. all of which is thrown away in an instant when your house burns down because some narcissistic dumbf**ks are bored and have no respect for fellow human beings.

    • Mark Shakleford

      The parents should also be held accountable. Once you let your child grow hair like THAT… well, then you have given up at trying to keep a respectable image for your child. Of course, this is SoCal… So this sort of douchbaggery runs rampant…

    • Mark Shakleford

      "poor" and "misguided" used to describe a Democrat is sort of redundant, wouldn't you say?? All you had to say was, "Democrat"…. At least I would have known what you were talking about..

  • dailydebacle

    Good work by all involved in getting them behind bars. Fire investigators will do what it takes to determine the extent of these morons' involvement in any of the fires. In the meantime, mommy and daddy can rent out their rooms. They won't be needing them for awhile. Come to think of it, mommy and daddy should be homeless before too long since they'll have to pay some serious restitution.

  • PissedOffDewd

    IF they are guilty of taking part in this whole mess, I mean the other fires aside from Escondido, then I don't think they need to be put to jail? Why? You and me, wait let me change that cause I'm not sure if all of you pay taxes, TAXPAYERS will have to pay for their lodging, food and entertainment while in prison. Screw that. I say, hang them cause it's cheaper compared to lethal injection. I don't feel sorry for them IF they are indeed guilty of helping with the other fires. BUT with regards to Escondido fire they started, they are GUILTY of it cause there was a witness!

  • Brad

    The only way they will get a fair trial is to move it out of state, with the drought and fires all over California, no way they will get a fair trial.

  • isaiahyouidiot

    I know this kid and assure you he is not capable of anything more than a failed brush fire.

  • anonymous

    Hoping they get the maximum possible sentence. Doesn't matter if they only started these two (if indeed that is what they did). Bottom line they started fires knowing full well what was going on already and intended to add to it! They should be considered terrorists. Hope they rot in prison for the rest of their lives.

  • Anon

    I did some extra snooping, since I was told that Isaiah may be a former student at my current high school, and it seems that these teens did most likely NOT have any part in the larger fires – they were merely trying to be funny and cause trouble, but their attempts to start brush fires were quickly extinguished, as mentioned in this article.

    I don't think they should get "maximum punishment" or be "branded". THEY'RE KIDS, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! They weren't trying to hurt anyone, they just wanted to stir up a little trouble. That does not excuse the fact that they were being stupid and could have caused a lot of damage. But I think we should be thankful that they didn't!

    These kids should be reprimanded for their actions, and be taught a lesson. But I would prefer if we didn't jump to the conclusion that "We should just KILL these CHILDREN" so quickly. I think that being grounded for life, as they call it, will be a sufficient punishment, IF they did indeed attempt arson.

    • anonymous

      Really?? Take a look at the news and see the mayhem that has been caused by these fires. Any of those fires they set could have turned into much worse and cost LIVES!!! So what if they are kids! And YES, they were trying to hurt people just by their actions alone. This is NOT stirring up a little trouble. Wow…..with attitudes like yours, it's no wonder this generation is in such trouble!

    • anon

      You're an idiot, "they weren't trying to hurt anyone, they just wanted to stir up a little trouble"? Are you f*cking kidding me? Are you under the impression that they somehow were not aware of the damage and panic caused by the other 9 fires that were burning at the time? Jesus H. Christ. He's 19 years old, he's an adult, and the 17 year old should be tried as an adult as well and put away for good. They knew damn well what they were doing, and they understood – VERY clearly – what would happen if they set a brush fire; whoever stopped them should get a medal. I just hope they never get a chance to reproduce, people like this are the scum of the earth.

      • Johnnybbaby

        Anon (original poster), you are the f*cking idiot. We will never know what damage and if someone would have been hurt by these idiots because they were caught in time. Just the fact that they were willing to do something so stupid at that time makes them mentally dangerous. I am not saying that they deserve the maximum penalty, but they need a few months in jail to make them not think about doing it again.

  • BBlunts410

    Anon – You're an idiot. These "kids" (age 17 and 19) are not children. One is a legal adult and the other is less than a year from being a legal adult. They both started fires with the intent to let it grow in the city. They were fully aware of how big it could've gotten and the damage it could've done. Congrats, you earn idiot of the day. Hell, even the justice system decided to try them as "adults". By age 17 and especially 19 you know better and are capable of fully understanding the outcome of a crime like this. "Having a little fun"? ANON, you disgust me. When I was 17, having a little fun was drinking, smoking, partying, and getting my D wet. These kids are future psychopaths and can not be "corrected". They belong in jail. Anon, I bet your opinion will change if your houseor your relatives house burns. You have said the most ignorant statement I've heard in a while. GTFO

  • JJJ

    Anyone with a proper college education knows that your brain isn't fully developed until you are around the age of 25. 18 is almost an arbitrary number that our country has assigned to adulthood. So out of all the ignorant statements made on this feed, the one from Anon is not one of them. Our justice system is in dire need of adjustments and reform. Yes they deserve punishment, but to demand death to teenagers is the response that only an ignorant society can come up with.

    • ikihi

      I don't agree. There is something that cannot be fixed about a person character if they are doing this kind of crap at 17-19.

    • Keys

      I think it isn't a brain issue. If you saw his Facebook page before they took it down, you would have seen what a druggie he is. Almost every single post related to pot or something worse. He was rebellious, hated authority, loved graffiti and destruction, and was just a bad person. That has absolutely nothing to do with brain development, just a bad character. You can't blame BAD CHOICES on an undeveloped brain. How many young people do we know who spend their time getting high and ruining other people's property? None of the young people in my extended family are like that, that's for sure.

  • Russ

    There isn't a 17 year old living in San Diego county that doesn't understand the consequences of setting fires during Santa Ana conditions. Every 8 year old understands this. They deliberately set this fire when thousands of acres were burning out of control for three days. THEY MOST CERTAINLY KNEW THAT THEIR ACTION COULD DO GREAT HARM. They are domestic terrorists trying to inflict great harm and wreak havoc. No different than Muslims flying planes into buildings. The should be tried as terrorist even if they aren't tied to the other fires. These kids tried to kill my family and fortunately they got caught. There needs to be absolute zero tolerance with maximum penalties and the 17 year old must be tried as an adult.

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