Teen booted from prom for dress that ‘evoked impure thoughts’

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A 17-year-old girl says she was kicked out of her senior prom for wearing a dress that chaperones said was too provocative.

ClarePromClare, a home-schooled student, told WTVR that she went to a prom event on May 10 in Richmond, Va., with her boyfriend and four friends. The event was held at a church.

Clare wore a dress that came down to her fingertips, which was the only dress requirement listed on the registration form. But shortly after she arrived, a dance organizer told her, “Honey, that dress is too short.” The same woman later gestured for her to come off the dance floor, telling her that some of the fathers chaperoning the dance had complained “her dancing was too provacative” and it was going to “cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

clareFaceClare says she was asked to leave the dance, and tempers flared, because the people she came with had to leave when she did, because they all came in the same car.

“I’m not responsible for some perverted 45-year-old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress and, and if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem,” Clare wrote on her blog.




  • guest

    The problem was having the prom at a church of all places, plus those disgusting fathers. If the fathers cannot keep themselves in check, then they do not belong at school dances!

  • guest

    Castor Troy said it best: If you dress like Halloween, ghouls will try to get in your pants.
    Kid is a skank. Little ho-bag.

      • guest

        Grow up. Prom was in a church. Be respectful. They were trying to teach this little brat a life lesson, not be a pervert. Way to paint it and turn it against them. If they were perverts, they'd have encouraged her lewd behavior, not send her out. Use your brain, if you have one.

        • Guest

          Seriously though? Her dress was LONG enough, according to the fingertip rule (dress has to at least reach that) And it did. It was longer than her fingertips. It's not her fault that she's so tall. She said that there were other girls there that are shorter than her and they were wearing shorter dresses.

          • Guest

            She said a lot of things, and i'm sure 50% of them are lies. full body shot of her dress makes her look like a tramp.

      • mike is smart

        I TOTALLY agree. Have her dress just like this. If it arouses a man in a dark alley to rape her, its his own fault, not hers. She will be in the right, and the man will be the perv.

        Curse those innate senses that make men attracted to near-naked females. Dirty sinful beings. Woman should be able to walk around naked if they wish. Nothing wrong with that, its us men that are evil evil evil for looking and thinking.

  • guest

    Look at the topic of her blog. Typical kid. One of these days she's going to find herself half-naked in a bar, and will learn that not only 45 year old parents can lust. Little naive kid that is on the path to spoiled brat ignorant harsh reality. Have fun w/that…

  • skank-hater

    My goodness so much EMO in her blog. She sounds like a real piece of work flipping off and cussing out the security for doing their jobs etc. I'm sure they didn't get their refund because she cried like a baby and wouldn't just leave like was requested of her. I wouldn't refund them either if they flipped me off while they were leaving. Little ho-bag needs to learn a lesson.
    17 years old and acting like this, she's up for a horrible life if she thinks the world owes her.

    • what

      you kidding right? are you a product of in-breeding? that is the most ignorant generalization. go live in the middle east and tell me if things there are comparable to a little kid not being allowed to wear a whore's uniform at a public social event.

  • Steve E

    She should rethink how she dressed, acted, and what her boyfriend is. None of the three are acceptable.

      • Guest

        Her boyfriend cussed out security. cant you read? low class.

        I'm guessing you were fixated on the race card no doubt. not everything is about raceism, unless of course that's all your focused on.

        • Guest

          Clearly you are the one who can't read because nowhere does it mention that he cussed security. Her entire blog post, even, says he was respectful to them. She mentions some people in her group "shouted profanities and the security" and she even flipped them off.
          So who of us was biased and playing the race card in the end?

  • Hugh Janus

    Because the teenage boys at the dance weren't already having impure thoughts? At that age, almost all thoughts are for young boys.

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