Alec Baldwin — The A-List A-hole

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baldwin MOVING

“That settles it! We’re moving out of New York.”

I’ll start this off with the things I like about Alec Baldwin. He’s got a decent body of work. Although 30 Rock was one of the most overrated TV shows ever, he had that classic scene in Glengarry Glen Ross. I liked him more in other David Mamet film that wasn’t as well received – The Edge. He backstabs Anthony Hopkins as they are stranded in the mountains fighting off a bear.

He was one of the few things I liked in the disappointing movies Rock of Ages, The Departed, and To Rome with Love.

Nobody saw the movie Lymelife five years ago, but they should.

Now, the list of idiotic things he’s done (and I’ll leave out all his comments on politics).

When he and wife Kim Basinger brought their baby home from the hospital, a photographer was waiting across the street. Don’t get me wrong, laws need to be passed to keep the paparazzi in check. Well, upon seeing the guy with The Doors T-shirt and huge camera, he walked over, and punched him in the nose. It broke his glasses, and if I remember correctly, also his nose. When Baldwin was sued over that, he won. The jury believed him when he said he thought the guy had a gun, and he was trying to protect his family because…that’s what you do when you think somebody has a gun. You cross the street to confront them.

When that baby got to the age of 11, we all heard the phone call Baldwin left on her machine. It went: “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or decency as a human being. I don’t give a damn that you’re 12, or 11-years-old…or that you’re a child; or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do. You have humiliated me for the last time.” That was followed by him threatening to fly to L.A. to “straighten her out.”

Now, I don’t care what kind of fight you’re having with your ex-wife, you don’t use children as pawns. You don’t get them involved in your fights. If Basinger had done that first, you take it up with her. If she continues, you take it up with the courts. She’ll either quit doing what he was complaining about, or she’ll lose custody of the kid. You don’t yell and say such vile things to a child that young, that is probably just following orders from mommy. It all led to the courts banning him from seeing the girl.


I don’t get it. You’re Andrew Dice Clay, and people seem more offended by me!

There was the time a few years ago when Baldwin was thrown off an airplane. Think for a second, about all the people you know that have been thrown off planes. I once sat near a guy that was thrown off a plane for grabbing a woman’s backside as she walked by. I have a friend that told me about a drunk person that wasn’t allowed on an airplane. Those are the only stories I got on the subject. That shows that it takes a lot. What did Baldwin do that got him escorted off the flight? He refused to turn off his cell phone. No, he wasn’t leaving another nasty message to his daughter. It wasn’t some emergency he had to tend to. He was simply playing “Words with Friends.” The flight attendant politely asked him to turn off the phone before take-off and he argued the point. He didn’t see why playing a game would interfere with the flight (another argument for another day). When you’re told to turn a phone off on an airplane (or a movie theatre [sorry, had to get that in there]), just do it.

Another story most people don’t know. I was watching an attractive news anchor being interviewed on one of the late night shows. She talked about a time when Alec Baldwin called her up. He said he was going to play a broadcaster in an upcoming movie and wanted to research the role. He asked if they could meet for dinner and discuss it. She was thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? You get a call from an A-lister…you tell your friends. You wonder if you’ll be on the set when they film, your name in the credits…all that. When they got to dinner, Baldwin had a confession. There wasn’t a movie in the works, he just wanted to have dinner with her. She stuck her hand up to show the wedding ring. I think it should’ve been to show him her middle finger.

There are the many run-ins he’s had with the paparazzi, and as I said, that could be annoying. It’s also annoying for celebrities to have to sign autographs everyday, but ya know what? You’re rich and famous. I’m guessing every plumber, firefighter, cop, teacher, and other hard-working person out there would change places in a second, even knowing that sometimes your privacy is invaded.

And speaking of those hard-working professions, I’d like to know why Baldwin felt the cops deserved to be treated so poorly by him the other day. Here’s what happened. He was riding his bike on the wrong side of the road. They stopped him and asked for ID. He didn’t have any, and flipped them off and started cursing. They arrested him. When he got to the police station, he used that line that shows just how out-of-touch and idiotic he is. It’s a line only the biggest d-bags in Hollywood ever utter. He said, “How young are those cops? They DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM.”

He also said the cops should be doing something about the photographers outside his apartment (not realizing all this just gets more and more of them out there, with more material to provoke him with). I wonder why he doesn’t realize the dangers of riding a bike on the wrong side of the road, or being a cyclist that doesn’t follow the rules of the road; or that maybe, just maybe…the cops were looking out for his safety, not just trying to harass him.

He later tweeted the female officers’ name and badge number. I suppose that’s his right, but for a guy that wants privacy so bad – that seems like a bush league move. Perhaps this officer would like some privacy. Perhaps there’s a dangerous criminal she busted, and having her name out there can be dangerous. Instead of him sitting back and reflecting…realizing he’s wrong YET AGAIN, he tweets three times about it. Didn’t he say he was getting rid of Twitter when he called somebody a “faggot” and insulted the homosexual community?  Didn’t he say he was going to leave the country when Bush got elected? Why is this moron even here?

Now he’s claiming he’ll leave New York. Please…just don’t come out west.



  • QFZ

    A-list A-hole says the kettle to the pot. Its great how you omitted the context and just became the A-hole

    • joshboardfox5

      What's the context? And how in the world does reporting on his crap over the years, make me the A-hole?

  • Bald wins

    "Yes, a collect call for Mr. Board from Mr. Baldwin."
    "Will you accept the charges from Long Island, New York?"
    [Clunk! of phone being put down]
    "Oh he hung up! That's the A -Hole, right? I wonder why he hung up?"
    "Is there supposed to be someone else there to answer?"
    [Phone rings again….clunk of receiver being picked up]
    "This is New York calling, are we reaching…
    [interrupted by phone being put down]
    "See he keeps hanging up "

  • judy

    i don't think you need to worry about him coming to backwaters of san diego Josh, he'll be in LA. i am a fan of his despite all his stupid actions….

  • Dig

    Baldwin seems from all his actions to be a jerk. The poster child of entitled, shameless celebrities. Too bad society embraces people like this.
    Other than this being a hit piece, I don't see where Mr. Board is an A&* He calls it like I see it.
    Bald…I dig the Pink Floyd reference also : )

    • joshboardfox5

      It was a bad title. And, as good as he was in Glengarry, really…that was the screenwriting. I'm guessing any actor that had to do a scene where he's yelling at Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, and Al Pacino — telling them they'll all be fired if they don't sell more, and the top sellers will get steak knives or whatever — well, it would've been a powerful scene by anyone.

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