Jailed Marine has girlfriend from Tijuana, sources say

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SAN DIEGO — Sources in Washington D.C. have informed Fox 5 that Andrew Tahmooressi has a girlfriend who is from Tijuana.

The unidentified woman now lives in San Diego but her family resides south of the border. The same woman visited the decorated marine while he was in prison at the La Mesa Penitentiary.

A. TahmooressiHe is now jailed at the El Hongo prison located about 70 miles southeast of San Diego.

Tahmooressi was arrested on March 31st after crossing into Mexico with three guns and ammo in his truck. Weapons are illegal in Mexico.

Fox 5 has also learned Tahmooressi has been in Tijuana before.

Tahmooressi came to San Diego in January to reportedly get help from the Veterans Administration for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but Fox 5 has yet to confirm that he has visited or made any appointments at the V.A. since arriving in San Diego.

Tahmooressi had been staying at the home of a friend and fellow marine veteran.

Congressman Duncan Hunter is now asking Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to stop any and all U.S. Military assistance to Mexico until Tahmooressi is released from prison.

Fox 5 has also learned Cal Trans has installed electrical signs at the border that warn people about their pending entry into Mexico. The signs also point to a U-turn area to help drivers who might be lost.

Tahmooressi has said all along that he got confused while driving on the southbound lanes at the border near the San Ysidro Border Crossing and ventured accidentally into Mexico.


  • bruce

    He isn't necessarily lying but he may well be. Could he have been on his way to see his girlfriend in Tijuana? Maybe, maybe not. Let's wait until we see how the story develops

  • Antonio Elizarraraz

    This guy wants to fool people. Border crossing is obvious. It’s impossible to not know you are entering Mexico. The freeway even ends and turns 90 degrees!!. He took those weapons and ammo with a purpose. Only fools of his own choose to believe his stupid story. Hunter ought to be ashamed to show face for such a moron.

    • Nena

      freeway turns 90 degrees and you can't see that you have to cross Mexico on the other side, due to a big wall! do you really want to see an innocent man in prison?

  • Bill

    How come nobody is asking what is a person diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is doing with weapons like that.

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