Secretary of State race heats up

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SAN DIEGO — Seven candidates faced off in a debate over the future of elections in the state of California Tuesday.

The candidates are running for Secretary of State. They discussed several ways to modernize the voting process.

Using cell phones as personal ballot boxes is a controversial proposition which has split the field of candidates.

Switching voting days to the weekend instead of Tuesday also has different candidates debating the best way forward. Republican front-runner Pete Peterson says California has one of the lowest levels of voter engagement in the U.S., and he wants to change that.

“We are currently 47th  in the nation in voter turnout, and if I am elected and can’t get us to at least 40th, my administration will have been a failure,” said Peterson.

Democratic front-runner state Senator Alex Padilla says it’s all about reaching the disenfranchised.

“Maybe you could vote on the weekends instead of Tuesday. Maybe we need to let people have a window of two weeks to make sure everyone has a real chance to get to the ballot box, and not just the ones who can skip out of the office when it suits them,” said Padilla.


  • Fred

    And we should have to show valid ID cards….just like in Mexico! The same people the demonrats says it’s hurts because for some reason they somehow can make their way to the welfare office and get free stuff from actual tax paying citizens but somehow can’t make it to the DMV to get an ID! BS, it’s to stop people from voting for themselves, dead relatives, their kids who never vote for themselves, made up people etc.

    • Jeff Drobman

      thank you for posting this — the global use of SECURE ONLINE INTERNET VOTING — which is my whole Secretary of State campaign agenda for California

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