Sober driver arrested for DUI after deputy hits her car

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MILWAUKEE — A 25-year-old woman suffered serious injuries when a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy rolled through a stop sign and crashed into her car, but what happened next was even worse.


Tanya Weyker (r) and Deputy Joseph Quiles

An investigation by Tribune news station WITI-TV has uncovered evidence that the deputy, Joseph Quiles, was clearly at fault when he crashed into a car being driven by Tanya Weyker. Even so, she was arrested on drunk driving charges.

Weyker said she suffered a fractured neck as a result of the crash which happened in February 2013. Her injuries were too severe to allow her to give a field sobriety test or even a breath sample, she told WITI-TV. Without any evidence, another law enforcement officer arrested Weyker anyway on five separate charges including drunk driving causing injury.

In his official report, Quiles wrote that he stopped at the stop sign and looked both ways before pulling out. He told a Milwaukee police officer that he never saw any headlights, even though Weyker’s Camry had lights that come on automatically.

However WITI obtained video from a nearby surveillance camera that showed the squad car turning without making a complete stop.

At the hospital, doctors took blood samples from Weyker.  Later tests found she had no alcohol in her system.  It took months, however, for charges against Wyeker to be dismissed by the district attorney.

Wyeker said she is waiting for the state to pay her medical bills for the crash. She has also filed a complaint against the deputy, which could lead to a lawsuit against the county.


  • Payback time

    Anyone remember that CROOKED SD GAY COP Bob Augustine and his GAY LOVER SD Judge Louis P Wentzel??
    Bobby boy tried the same thing back in the 70's and his Judge Buddy got busted picking up a Working Person in East SD…Nothing has changed here in SD!!!

  • guest

    I'm not into those cases where people find some type of reason to sue but in this case I hope she sues and makes everyone pay.

  • jtmkinsd

    And why aren't these officers under investigation for falsifying reports? False arrest? And just being general assholes?

  • Done with pigs

    The Sheriff should loose his job now!
    No pension, no nothing!
    Fire him!
    He is no good to anybody! Not even fast food!
    He's the kind of guy that would spit in your food!

  • Oblong Regatta

    Don't demand minor little slaps on the wrist. It is time we start firing cops and not from their jobs but from their lives. If police knew there was a chance if they did the wrong thing they could be dead, I bet you they would start to use their brains before they did anything (or at least something analogous to a brain).

    I don't believe the death penalty is a good thing in any sense but I believe if made into a big public spectacle and being done against those who do so much wrong and in almost every situation get away with it, it could be quite effective. Or you could release millions of non-violent offenders from prisons and throw the cops in some of these Communication Management Units and Supermax facilities.

    There is no good cop that exists, because the institution is rotten from the core. The notion of the good cop only exists because we want to try and humanize something not worth humanizing. We want to feel like there is actually someone out there "serving and protecting" us. If we can create the false dichotomy of good and bad we can make the institution somehow a good thing that can be fixed. However it is not something you can fix because it was created as a broken entity to stay a broken entity. It was created by humans and run by humans, and humans are flawed.

    This girl got really lucky she only suffered some injuries that can heal. She wasn't gunned down by a cop for being the wrong skin color or sexual orientation or creed or what have you. She gets to live to try and get a small scrap of what some might call "rectification". The cops will continue to do wrong and not change much except to protect themselves from these little nuisances that prevent them from doing as they normally do as part of their "jobs".

    So next time you think this is just an isolated incident it is not, it is the fundamental core of policing. We didn't create the laws, the people who created the police, created the laws so they all could be above them and use them when needed to enforce wrong or stop right.

    • IhateMorons

      So now all cops are bad eh? Cool since we can easily classify everyone of a certain group then I say that anyone with the name of Oblong are total and complete a-hole losers and all of them should be spanked in the testicles with a spork. Just shut up loser. If you dont like something GO CHANGE IT by joining the police, working your way up, and making changes. Or, get a law degree, go do some real investigation, and find evidence to support your complete and utter BS. Do us all a favor and move to central america where you belong.

      • Robert

        It's the responsibility of other cops to keep their own in line as well. Or did you miss the part where "another law enforcement officer " arrested Weyker on five separate charges? As she lay with a fractured neck, I might add.

        It is one thing for a bad cop to falsify his testimony and lay false charges of his own. A bad person will do a bad thing, what do you do, you stop them and you move on. It's all you can do.

        It's another for his brothers to close ranks and back him up while he does it – that's doubly despicable and does more harm to the reputation of police than the original crime.

        • Oblong Regatta

          Cops will act as the dominant one acts. If the cop is reasonable but dominates the other cop will generally be reasonable. However most situations that doesn't happen and when your buddy or partner is doing wrong you generally won't say anything. They are there to protect themselves and protect those with money or power.

          As far as Ihatemorons: yes all cops are bad. The institution is a flawed and corrupt institution and while some cops might seem better than others they are all cogs in a Rube Goldberg type machine.

          I have no interest in trying to fix something that was created broken or joining something that is corrupt and generally morally bankrupt. That whole change from within mentality doesn't always work and in this situation has little chance to do much good.

          As far as moving to Central America, I don't see a point. I was born in the U.S. and have lived here my entire life. I rather like the land and a good deal of the people who live here,I have two jobs which I rather enjoy and lots of family and friends. I might like to travel down there and experience other cultures and see new lands but I generally like the country I live. The government not so much but who truly and honestly loves the government anyway?

      • Robert

        you'll notice the investigative followup wasn't done by the police agency – collection of the video, etc, was performed by the news agency. The police were apparently willing to sweep it under the rug, but weren't willing to assist in getting the charges dropped for Weyker.

        i could understand the cop on the scene accepting his coworkers' word at first – but this is clear wrongdoing after the fact and contributes heavily to police public image problems like Oblong Regatta's above.

        And you should learn to be a bit more civil yourself.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is bigger than police misconduct. We (Americans) have a culture than encourages unsafe driving practices. We encourage speeding and the running of stop signs. We ignore such offenses and loudly complain when people follow the law and "obstruct" traffic by driving within the speed limit. We allow even worse behavior from police. When cops violate "minor" traffic laws, they must be severely reprimanded. Multiple violations (eg, 3 speeding tickets, or running through stop signs or red lights, or even turning on their lights momentarily to go through an intersection) should result in the loss of employment. Cops must be expected to follow the law or they cannot enforce them. We cannot continue to allow police officers to flaunt the law.

    • Toomuchcrazy

      I agree…I see it all the time, they turn on their lights to go…nowhere! If you and I did it, we'd be arrested or worse! There is a severe mistrust of law enforcement today…and unfortunately, they've created it. It's really sad. They used to really be viewed as the "protectors" of society, today…not so much!

    • afdsfsd

      I actually have an elegant solution. All we need to do is make it law to equip all cars with a video cameras and mobile internet. All we need to do is have the car system record 1 minute of video on each camera which is easy peasy today and very cheap. Now add a button for each each camera that can be pressed to send the 1 minute video to authorities if a driver sees someone breaking the law. A system like this would actually be fairly cheap. Four small 720p quality POE self recording cameras can be had for as low as $75 each. If we install just 1 in the front and tie in a button it wont cost much more than $200. The only problem is then providing internet access which most already have on their phone. We just need to make it cheaper. The ticket revenue from this will be insane initially but the real gem here is that over time, increased awareness that you are always being watched will result in a lot less law breaking.

  • Justice

    Simple case of the law abusing thier power and covering up mistakes made by them! Just like they prosecute to the full extent of the law, you do the same!

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