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The Amazing Spider Man 2

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“Are you harassing me because I’m black?”
“No. It’s that hair style!”

Enough already! I’ve had it with the super hero movies. They’re all the same now. You watch this wondering if everyone is there just to collect a big pay check in these cash grabs. The villains aren’t interesting. The fight scenes you’ve seen before. I’ve grown tired of it all. And don’t tell me I’m a critic that doesn’t like anything. I gave a good review to Captain America a few weeks ago, and I’m one of the few critics that kind of liked Transcendence.

The opening sequence of The Amazing Spiderman 2 was promising enough. Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz are Peter Parkers parents (say that three times quickly), and we see how they met their demise (my friend leaned in and said, “Aren’t they a little old to have a 4-year-old?”)

We also get a great scene where Paul Giamatti is unrecognizable as a huge, crazy bald Russian gangster named Aleksei Sytsevich (later called “the rhino”). We watch as Spiderman is sarcastic on his cell phone. You think driving and talking on a cell phone is dangerous, he’s dangling from the grill of a car and trying to catch jars of toxic material spilling out of a truck. The problem is that at over two hours of running time, they don’t keep up this pace. It’s filled with a lot of boring, super hero cliché moments.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have great chemistry (they should, they’re a couple in real life), but they keep breaking up and getting back together. It’s like that annoying couple you sat next to at lunch in high school.

Talented actor Dane DeHaan shows up as a bratty megalomaniac. He’s fine, but the scenes where he meets up with Peter Parker are annoying. They stand around moping and complaining about daddy issues. He is about to inherit OsCorp, and you can guess the direction that’s going. After all, he has a goofy hairstyle. That’s always the first sign; and that brings us to Jamie Foxx and his weird hair. He starts out as a stuttering nerdy type that is hardly believable or interesting. When an accident at OsCorp lands him in a tank with electric eels, it lights a fire in him. He turns evil, and becomes “Electro.” It’s a story arc that didn’t make much sense. He starts hating Spiderman  sooner than he should. And with so many other subplots, Electro often gets pushed aside.

The special effects do make Electro interesting to watch, and the CGI has improved on the scenes where Spidey is swinging through the city, although the slow motion swinging wasn’t very intriguing.

Bringing an engineer with me to the screening was fun. When two huge airplanes avoid missing each other by a few feet he sarcastically said, “Wow. A stunt that only the Blue Angels can pull off.”

In super hero movies, I don’t mind stunts and science being unrealistic.  It was funnier when Emma Stone went to Oxford for an interview that might award her a scholarship and my friend said, “That’s a rather short mini skirt for an interview of that nature.”

Yes, he has a daughter in college, but he also had good points.

I was much more bothered by things like hearing the classic Blue Danube Waltz during a scene that is hardly powerful when that Johann Strauss tune makes me think of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

You’ll also be bothered by the music montages, which were annoying in Divergent, and just make you feel like they’re trying to appeal to teenagers.

There are also those fight scenes that seem so repetitive after all these super hero films over the years.

I’m also wondering if anybody else will be creeped out by Spideys stalking. It was odd when Superman did it a decade ago, and it’s weird here.

Of course, the movie also gives us a mad scientist (Marton Csokas as Dr. Kafka).

Director Marc Webb did a great job with 500 Days of Summer, a romantic comedy. And the romance  in this movie worked. Maybe I’m jaded by all the super hero movies now, but I say you skip this and see the latest Captain America.

I can only give this 2 stars out of 5.


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