Bill would add baby-changing tables in men’s restrooms

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SACRAMENTO – California lawmakers, in a bid to let dads play a bigger parenting role in public, are pushing for baby-changing tables to be installed in men’s restrooms. They say the changes reflect shifting family dynamics, though the plan was criticized as yet another costly regulation on businesses.

restroomTwo bills that would require businesses to give men equal access to baby-changing tables in their restrooms cleared the California state Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on Tuesday. Currently, there is no federal or state law requiring buildings to provide changing tables in their bathrooms, and any business that does so installs them voluntarily.

But one sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara, said the effort is a “common sense approach” to fix the problem of unequal access to changing stations.

“As the demographics of the modern American family evolve, traditional gender roles with women as the primary caregiver for the children are changing, and men are becoming more and more involved in the care of their young children,” he told in a statement. “There are also a growing number of same-sex households with children. The bill also ensures that public facilities for changing babies’ diapers are equally available to both men and women.”

Lara’s bill would require that if a business chooses to install a baby-changing station, it must be accessible to both men and women.

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  • Truth seaker

    Sign of the times…
    This bill is due to the change in society. Many more f a g s are allowed to become q u eer parents and so the law is drawn up to waste more tax payers money! What a f u qed up state!

  • dailydebacle

    The nanny state is working it's way to being the daddy state. Talk about a screwed up bill. Think they can come up with legislation that might entice companies to stay here (e.g. TOYOTA), let alone relocate here? Guess not!

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