Dr. Oz confronts San Diego company over popular diet supplement

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SAN DIEGO – Dr. Oz accused a San Diego company of falsely using his name and image to sell one of the hottest diet supplements on the market.

Dr. Oz confronts an employee outside TARR, Inc. headquarters in San Diego.

Dr. Oz confronts an employee outside TARR, Inc. headquarters in San Diego.

In an episode that recently aired, Dr. Oz flew to San Diego to confront the owners of TARR, Inc. for using his image and selling a product, known as Miracle Garcinia Cambogia, that he said was not pure enough to really help consumers.

Dr. Oz posted ConsumerLab.com’s test results of Miracle Garcinia Cambogia and other products on this website, along with a statement.

After the confrontation, TARR, Inc.’s owner Nathan Martinez sent Fox5 a statement.



  • Billy

    Why is the PURE Garcinia Cambogia web page being displayed when the company in the story is from San Diego and is known as Miracle Garcinia (Tarr)?
    PURE is a direct competitor of Miracle and yes, I looked it up on the internet.
    It's nice to see news/media programs using the issues from one company and passing it off as the issue of another company.
    What happened to reporting Who, What, Where, When and Why instead of sensationalizing a mixed up story. WAKE UP AMERICA! Don't be fooled by creative reporting, demand objective reporting!!!

  • Suzy

    lol I love how pissy Mr. Oz gets! I bet he makes his kids call him Dr Oz not Daddy. They don't wanna get spanked.

    Lol used to like this guy but I can see he thinks he's gods gift. Lol Mr. Oz!

  • DrOzzyOzburn

    Its been years since i really sat down to watch Dr Oz. I was slightly annoyed he didnt discuss the product, he only talked about his face beinv misused! Why is that Dr? Im sure there is more to the story. I feel bad for the employees of the company he Harrassed. Maybe he should have offered them a job rather than being rude and pushy to possibly say something that may hurt their employment. Dr plz talk about products not ur face! Ive seen enough.

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