2 men accused of swindling $10K from elderly man

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SAN DIEGO – A reward has been offered to help identify two men accused of scamming a senior from Lemon Grove citizen out of thousands of dollars.

Two men swindled the 71-year-old man into believing they needed donations for a charity, San Diego Sheriff’s Department investigators said Tuesday.


Surveillance picture of one of the men accused of scamming an elderly man in Lemon Grove (Credit: Crime Stoppers)

The 71-year-old man was approached by a man in the Home Depot parking lot in early March and asked him for a ride to Walgreens on Broadway in Lemon Grove, investigators said. While at the Walgreens, they met up with a second man who convinced the victim to donate to their “charity.”

Soon after, the elderly man drove the suspects to Wells Fargo Bank. One suspect pretended to withdraw $30,000 for the charity and persuaded the elderly man to do the same, authorities said.

“At that point, they asked the elderly man if he could show the same level of trust and make a similar donation and he agreed,” Ellis said.

The man withdrew $10,000 and gave it to the suspects. Authorities said the suspects told the victim to wait in his truck and they left the area.

The suspects were described as black men in their late 40s. One suspect was 5-feet, 7-inches and weighs about 180 pounds with short black and gray hair with brown eyes and a medium build. He was wearing a long sleeve blue striped shirt, light blue dress pants and black shoes. He carried a black shoulder bag.

The second man was 6-feet, 3-inches tall and just over 200 pounds. He had a military style haircut, brown eyes, light brown complexion and thin build. He was wearing a long sleeve brown sweater, dark brown pants and black shoes, carrying a black portfolio.

A reward of $1,000 has been offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. Anyone with information on this case should call Crime Stoppers anonymous top line at 888-580-8477.


  • happy

    Sofa King what! !! Father Joe and David Jeremiah ate just a few examples of this shit happening every day! Not to mention all of your local churches making pastors rich. Promising a pavement to heaven.

  • wes

    We need to stop the tax write off and see who wants to give after that. Flat tax all the way. Then everyone has skin in the game.

  • Fred

    These Hoods will be found and prosecuted for elder abuse by the awesome Paul Greenwood from the DA’s office. Now, I Agree 100% with Wes. Also im tired of all these churches at local schools, old restaurants, commercial buildings etc. If they weren’t tax exempt most would be out of business! As soon as EVERYONE pays some taxes (49 % pay nothing) then these liberal leaches will think twice about voting for so called revenue generators aka tax hikes. I’m tired of all these baby making machines living in apartments on section 8 funds with 7 kids always voting for school bonds and everything else WE HOMEOWNERS get left paying for. You see none of them even know what’s on a property tax bill. I pay almost $1,400 a year in bond additions that these leaches vote for and I always vote against. Wake up people. Look at your yearly property tax bill and look at the additional taxes from bonds. It’s out of control.

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