‘Fatal’ the pit bull attacks 2 men

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SAN DIEGO — Animal control officers quarantined a pit bull named “Fatal” Monday after attacking two people in Rolando.

Fatal’s owner, Sharon Robinson, said she was outside her house on the 4900 block of Harbinson Avenue Monday afternoon waiting to be picked up when one of the victims walked by. Robinson said she felt in danger and the dog, which was watching from a balcony, probably sensed trouble, too.


“Fatal” the pit bull is pictured with a cat.

The dog raced downstairs and through a fence before attacking the unidentified man, Robinson said.

“He was protecting me. I didn’t know if the guy was going to kill me or had a gun or something,” said Robinson. “You just don’t know these days, it’s scary out here.”

The victim stumbled away from the dog and was helped by two people who took him to a fenced-off backyard, a neighbor told Fox5.

The dog then ran into a nearby electrical shop where he bit a worker in the hand, he said.

Both victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

One of victims declined to discuss his injuries or circumstances of the attack, but he did say “he’s feeling okay.”

Robinson suffered a small cut on her elbow while trying to restrain the animal.

The 3-year-old gray and white pit bull was taken away from Robinson in a previous incident. Some neighbors described him as a “nuisance” and “trouble.”

The dog will be in quarantine for two weeks before his fate is decided.



  • wftfan

    What a crock! Excuses and more excuses trying to take blame away from the attacking Pit Bull. "I don't know if the guy was going to kill me or had a gun or something" "You just never know these days, and its dangerous out here" Well she is right about that and one of the most dangerous things out there is Pit Bull dogs like hers, attacking people and their delusional owners. Like her. Making excuses for them. Apparently the Pit Bull must have decided that a man, working in an electrical shop was a threat to her also, cause the dog ran in there and bit him too. And she did not even help the man her dog attacked, the neighbors helped him, while she stood there pretending she was a princess saved by her ugly dog.

    • Rossta

      She didn't even get cited ………………?

      Typical nanny state and were supposed to let the authorities handle it.

      That dog needs to be shot in the head…right in front of that stupid bi..ch.

      Then she needs to be slapped silly until her face is red…… and thrown in the can for a month.

  • Debbie Bell

    It is not how you raise them!

    This attack was good pit behavior:
    Leave home
    Attack without reason
    Attack without warning or trying to avoid a fight.
    Immediately do damage.
    These traits are essential dog fighting behaviors.
    Give this dog some more time and maturity and he will maul better.

    The current pit bully people aren’t any different from those who fight dogs. They are sociopaths with a little sadism sprinkled in. Gotta love these pit names “Fatal” too cute!


  • karla

    While I give the dog owner credit for "creatively thinking on her feet", her explanation is ridiculous – the pit was not provoked, but attacked any way – this is how they have been bred over time. To "give warning" to an opponent is NOT a desirable trait… so it has been bred out of them. The dog has already been given a "second chance" – that should be it. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior; since is nearly certain that the dog will attack a human or animal again, he needs to be put down.

  • anonymous

    You know u ppl say a lot of crap without even knowing what’s realy up. First of all pitbulls have been given a bad rap, and with proper training situations like this can be avoided. Pitbull Is still a puppy and what you don’t know is that the owners were in the process off putting the dog through training. while it is still a puppy. I know this for a fact. so your slandering remarks are very pitiful. I’ve known many pit bulls with proper training and they are the most loving adorable animals and very good with kids. What I can say is that you all are a bunch of haters. You people need to get the facts straight before you start running your mouth. No matter what kind of animal it is Its a life, that’s the solution that everybody has is kill kill kill. But humans who rape molest and murder. Ppl or animals, they get to live. Humans are the worst Species in this whole world. What you are saying is that a person that molest children Don’t deserve to die? You’re sick. Even if they got help They will never be cured of that. but a pitbull who attacks can be trained into a very very good behaved dog. but you people are all the same while giving pitbulls a bad rap and thinking that the solution is the kill them all. you people need some training. I feel very badly for the victims and I hope that pay recover soon. please don’t credit where credit is due. those people were not doing nothing. the dog was going to be in training in about a month.

    • lee77

      The only “facts” we need are that one man was walking down the street minding his own business and another was working in a nearby shop and they were both attacked by a pit bull!

      “Slandering remarks,” that’s a good one. The only people who have made any slanderous (not “slandering”) remarks are you and the lying owner of that frankenmauler that attacked two people without provocation.

      The only good pit bull is a DEAD pit bull!

    • Rossta

      Your delusional.

      Your theory works in a perfect world. But guess what stupid….this is not a perfect world.

      Me and my dog just got attacked by a Pitbull last night.

      When they bite another dog or a human.

      Maybe we should start shooting their dogs in the head and make you watch. Then GUT their stupid owners like a fish…….. Maybe then it might set into your thick skull…

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