Local athlete scores beach volleyball scholarship

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Kristen Phillipp spends her time pursuing excellence while at the beach, pool and school.

“It keeps my life balanced, and it`s everything I`m interested in. I love the beach, I love the pool, I really try hard in school. I enjoy that and I enjoy volleyball,” she said.

Phillipp really started enjoying volleyball about a year ago when she jumped into the beach game.

“I’ve always been around the beach. I grew up here my whole life. I’m just used to playing. I played indoor volleyball since eighth grade, so it was an easy switch,” she said.

Phillipp found much more success in the sand, quickly becoming one of the top players in the area, and earning a spot on the UCLA team next fall.

“She’s the kid who really wants it more so than anyone else out here,” her coach Andrew Bennett said. “She’s one of the hardest workers, great kid. She’s a leader. Everyone looks up to her, not just because

She’s nice, but because she also has a great work ethic. She also hates to lose. She’s super competitive.”

Phillipp works as the manager for the boys volleyball team at El Camino High School and in the classroom, she built a robust 4.75 grade point average.

In between school and volleyball practice, Phillipp finds time to work as a lifeguard at a Carlsbad pool.

Her ability to juggle so many things impresses her partner Mikayla Douglas

“It`s crazy. I really don`t know how she does it. I see her coming from thing to thing and telling me, ‘Oh, I`m doing this, this and this,’ and she still finds time to come here and hang out with me and hang out with all the girls,” Douglas said. “I don`t know how she`s not overwhelmed, but she does it pretty well.”

And Phillip has overcome a lack of size. The high school senior stands just 5-feet 5-inches.

“Well, I’m always trying my best. I`m short, so I have to jump as high as I can, move as fast as I can, have a good defensive game. But I just have as much fun as I can and play my hardest,” Phillipp said.