Toddler rushed to hospital after eating pot candy

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SAN DIEGO — A lethargic, unresponsive toddler was rushed to the hospital by her frantic mother and doctors were preparing to do a spinal tap when a toxicology test showed that she  had unknowingly eaten marijuana candy.

Frances McQueen said she knew her 21-month-old daughter was in real trouble when she saw the normally active and alert child stumbling and could not get her to respond.

Pot candyThe way she couldn’t look at me, told me something was terribly wrong,” said McQueen.

It happened last Saturday, April 19. McQueen rushed the little girl the Balboa Naval Hospital. Doctors brought her to the  pediatric intensive care unit for testing and found the little girl had THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in her system.

McQueen said her daughter probably ingested the THC at a beach party that day  in Imperial beach. The toddler most likely found a discarded piece of pot candy that was purchased from a medical marijuana shop.

“These are real drugs. They need to be treated like drugs,” McQueen said. “Cookies, brownies, candy — those are party favors. I have never heard of anyone taking their heart medication in their favorite gummy bear flavor.”

Doctors monitored the little girl for 24 hours to make sure she didn’t slip into a coma. She has full recovered from the accidental drug dose.

McQueen decided to go public with her story in the hope that medical marijuana users will realize that they need to treat the drug like they would any other dangerous prescription medicine. She said it should be labeled and kept in child-proof prescription medicine bottles to keep it away from curious children.





  • Normal Guy

    UPDATE –

    Kid shows no signs of previous THC ingestion but has gone through a family size box of Cheerios, a sleeve of Ritz crackers, a flat of strawberries, two fistfuls of blue berries within the last 10 hours. She also replies with "ya man" when her dad calls her name.

    The family has setup a website to accept donations to help their child. Cash is good but they really need more Cheerios.

  • pleezzz

    seriously? she didn't see what her daughter was doing at the party? also, if she's at balboa naval hospital, and gets full medical care, what doe she need donations for? sounds fishy.

  • Eli

    “These are real drugs. They need to be treated like drugs,” McQueen said. “Cookies, brownies, candy — those are party favors. I have never heard of anyone taking their heart medication in their favorite gummy bear flavor."

    Fentanyl, a pain killer, comes in lollipop form and in grape and cherry flavors. J/s.

  • nobody

    How about we pay attention to our kids and pay attention to what they are eating. Also, I highly doubt somebody "discarded" their thc edible.

    • fwlrcj

      And besides why was a child around while the adults were ingesting this 'candy'. That is like having a drinking party and trying to babysit at the same time.

  • DaddyCARLOS

    sounds like dumbo mommy forgot to take care of her weezy snack. investigate that ho-bag and see what else she is hiding. donations for what?!?!?! jigga please

  • fwlrcj

    Now we are coming to the real problem with making weed legal. It is still dangerous in the wrong hands like tobacco and alcohol. It is still a drug

    • Anonymous

      yeah weed…psh… what a awful drug… who wouldn't want to be happy and hungry plus not get a hanger over ! If you are being responsible and learn self control weed is fine…I'd rather have Alcohol and Tobacco be banned just for weed to be proven it's safe and on another note IDK what you read about weed other then it's just a drug BUT DO YOU'RE RESEARCH PEOPLE knowledge is power.

    • anonymous

      Dear fwlrcj you can die from god knows how many things if ingested like water for one lol so should we ban water too?

  • Anonymous

    if she was stupid enough to bring her child to a adult party then she shouldn't have a child in the first place if she can't take the time to watch her own kid then you're now ready for a child.

  • Michael

    Lady u shoul take more care if your children how didn't you know that ur children had candy that u didn't even give um.

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