Homes evacuated after man threatens to blow up house

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SAN DIEGO — Police evacuated homes in Bay Park Tuesday after an apparently suicidal man broke into a home and began┬áthreatening to kill himself by blowing up the house.

BAY PARK SWATSan Diego police responded to the house in the 1400 block of Galveston Street.

When officers arrived, they could smell natural gas near the home, so they began clearing people out of nearby residences. Meanwhile, firefighters cut off the supply of gas to the house where the man was holed up.

A SWAT team deployed around the residence and sent in a camera- equipped robotic device to look for the suicidal man.

The SWAT officers did go in but failed to find the suspect. He had apparently fled the house.

Neighbors told Fox 5 News, the suspect is a homeless man named George who frequents the neighborhood, and that he had a relationship with the woman who lives at the house.

On Monday, he came to the house and broke some windows. Police had been looking for him ever since.

Today he returned to the property and that’s how the standoff began.


  • Le Guesto

    Homeless-Meth-heads will be Meth-heads and the cost for day long SWAT operations like this should be billed to the home-owner – who chose that person to come into her life !!! What does Homeless Meth-heads cost SD Tax payers ??

  • Fitpitcher

    I want to know if this loser has been caught yet?! I live in Bay Park and have small kids. It would be really nice to get an update on the status of the suspect. I'm a big supporter of the police and generally think they do a great job but it's hard to believe they just let this cat slip out of the house and out of the neighborhood while they sat outside the house for several hours. If anyone has an update on the status of the suspect I would greatly appreciate it if you would post it. Thanks.

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