4 arrested in murder of woman found burning in Alpine

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EL CAJON, Calif. — Four people have been arrested in the murder of a Lakeside woman who was allegedly killed in a custody dispute over a newborn baby, sheriff’s officials said Tuesday.


Kim Hayes (Facebook)

Kimberly Hayes, 35, was killed in an apartment in El Cajon on March 8 and her body was dumped on a dirt road off the Sequan Truck Trail and set on fire the next day, according to sheriff’s Lt. Glenn Giannantonio.

On April 18, homicide investigators arrested Jessi Mendoza, 29; Matthew Williams, 30; and Lauren Huett, 33, at hotels in El Cajon. Jennifer Stein was arrested the next day in Santee. Mendoza is being held on charges of murder and arson. The other three are being held on charges of conspiracy and accessory to murder. All of the suspects are El Cajon residents.

The four suspects conspired to kill Hayes because she was trying to gain custody of Stein’s and Mendoza’s newborn child, Giannantonio said.


  • wes

    Give all 4 life sentences and then let them rot in jail. These people should never see there child again.

    • Confused

      Yes and a needle on her arm tattoos can be evil symbols and lead t o very bad outcomes The facts are not 'll here so we may never know but in the end of turned out n Kim was a good person and one of the last things she said to me was these people were her family. May you REST in peace Kimberly where you couldn't find out here MY

      PRAYERS with your loved ones. ALL OF THEM cause you for what ever reason just played your fate card It your family and friends children loved ones who really half to suffer so people be kind and take everyone's HURT in mind before you start trash talking ANYONE PLEASE you were are all friends

    • don't worry about it

      There are losers in every town/city…what does San Diego have to do with it?! This could and does happen anywhere. What a stupid and irrelevant statement.

  • annomous

    Sad sad story. With the drugs, white supremeist lifestyle, guns and cache of other things involved with this case, it’s a good thing the baby is in a safe place for now. I do not have the answers but do want justice to prevail. Do not sentence all of theem just by association. Truth will come out, halos will tarnish and justice will be served. Otherwise why do we live in this country?

  • Walter White

    I've known Jessie Mendoza since middle school. Guy was always a loser but wow, didnt think he would do something like this.

  • noneya

    You all talk about her being such a good person, she just got out of jail and tried taking custody of their child when she's suppose to be "family" ha! you're all ridiculous.

  • denise

    Wow wonder who’s going to have custody of the kids now?? How stupid can you possibly get ??? What great parents..and role models. “Look honey this is what you do when your a druggie and someone tries to take your kids,” and you’re to stupid to realize that you should have killed yourselves instead of your friend. I hope they spend the rest of their meaningless lives in prison, you can’t fix stupid!!!!

  • Sadinspringvalley

    People seriously disgust me sitting here talking about people like they know what the hell they are talking about ive known jessi my whole life and it shocks me that he would do something like this i just dont believe it and for the looser that said hes a white supremacist you make me sick he is not and has never been that so know your facts before you go trash talking seems like theres alot of loosers with nothing more to do than put there two sense in where it dont belong do em all a favor and leave the judgement to god….

    • BITE ME

      There is a lot you didn't know about Jessi!! BIG POS and I hope all of them get the death Penalty!!

      • anon.

        You probably didn't know a lot about him either ^
        Take your time and slide down to the last comment. There wasn't any reason this lady needs justice.

  • denise

    They said white supremacist life styles…didn’t the girl who was murdered have a tattoo on her chest representing a white supremacist lifestyle? I don’t think anyone said Jessi….
    Its just too bad no one thought about the outcome of this stupid plan. Five lives and families destroyed forever…over nothing. Obviously the kids didn’t mean that much to them or they never would have done such a stupid thing…

  • anon.

    White supremacist? Jessi isn't even full white. That's ridiculous. So he definitely didn't even live that kind of lifestyle.

  • denise

    Nobody said the murderer was a supremacist…get over it. He’s not even human he’s a sick individual that has no regard for life.. I hope they get the death penalty for what they did…

    • anon.

      That wasn't Jessi. Some people don't know what they're doing on drugs, if you were in his position you wouldn't appreciate people saying all this about you.
      You talk so much shit, you probably don't even know a single thing about him. You need to leave.
      And the death penalty? He'll still be alive for awhile with that bullshit.

      • Denise

        If I was in his position I would expect people to talk shit about me. Maybe what she did was wrong, maybe she wasn't an angel but that wasn't up to those four people to decide. What gave them the right to decide if she lives or dies? If she was so bad why in the hell didn't they just go their own way? Look how much easier it would have been to just walk away and not look back. In the long run Kim is free of all this bullshit, now look who's left to pay the price…boy they showed her didn't they??
        I bet at this moment all of them are regretting their decision that night..and its a shame that they can't right their wrong…They took a life so they have to pay regardless who they were or how they chose to live…it WAS NOT FOR THEM TO DECIDE IF SHE LIVED OR DIED..unfortunate for all involved

        • anon

          i know Jessi very well.. i from personal experience know for fact he did NOT do this to Kim but for u to sit here and commit on shit u yourself know nothing about is wrong.. Kim burned the wrong person and she paid the price.. now innocent people r sitting in jail for a crime someone else commented.. is beyond un justice

  • don't worry about it

    Why was she trying to get custody of someone else's child when she wasn't even raising her OWN child and her life was such a mess?!

  • Anon

    What goes around comes around. How you treat people is important. I didn’t know this girl but she stole $1200 dollars from a mentally disabled man by asking him to cash checks for her. His mother called and left her messages pleading to bring the money back. The sad thing is the poor guy had to pay for it, not her. Not saying she deserved to be murdered but her lifestyle was reckless, dangerous, and her death was inevitable as a result. Other commenters here stated she was an angel, far far from it! Her criminal charges are public record and I’m sure it’s extensive, she may have loved children and helped out her friends but she also devastated people who could not afford it by refusing to earn money the right way. I am sorry for her families and friends heart ache however I wanted people to understand her true character. Now hopefully she is at peace and not tormented by her demons anymore.



  • Askhole

    @ Kim is a Lame, Jesse and Matthew are not innocent. They deserve to be behind bars. They had it coming to them. It is unfortunate that Kim was killed. She should of not been hanging out with them in the first place due to Matthew and Jesse being extra super looser tweekers.

  • Denise

    If she burned the wrong people and got what she deserved as you say then why is the pos that killed her letting innocent people sit in jail? Probably because they are not innocent…I heard Jessi even confessed

  • Tyne

    Kimberly Hayes, 35 has a swastika tattooed on her chest, I'm so confused because she clearly does not look white…she looks part black. And is Jessi a male or female? Because I'm thinking this is a lesbian love triangle gone very bad.

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