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12-year-old girl kidnapped and raped, cops say

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SAN DIEGO — A 12-year-old girl was forced into a vehicle by a man in his 40s at gunpoint Monday night in San Diego and sexually assaulted, police said.

The kidnapping occurred near 47th and Market streets around 7 p.m. Police said a man wearing a black mask forced the girl into his vehicle at gunpoint. He then drove her to the tunnels of the watershed at 47th street, where he raped her.


Police said a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped and sexually assaulted under a bridge.

The girl got away or was let go after the attack and she was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital.

The suspect is described as a middle-aged man wearing a black mask, shirt and pants and was armed with a handgun. He was driving an older black sport utility vehicle or van.

On Tuesday, the Chollas View area was on high alert.  Angelo Morales said he was born and raised in the neighborhood and had never heard of a similar sexual assault.

“This kind of thing only happens on TV or in the movies,” said Morales.  “Stuff like this is why we have to step up together in the community.”

“It makes me feel scared for my boys and for my nieces and my cousins,”  Morales said. “I feel scared for them when stuff like that happens in this neighborhood.”

After school, staff of Gompers Preparatory Academy guarded the intersection near where the young girl was kidnapped.  They told Fox 5 students had been informed of the crime and prepped on how to protect themselves.

Tuesday afternoon, members of the non-profit group Groundworks San Diego cleared away the brush around the scene of the crime.

“It’s been a real haven for rapes, murders and other illicit activity,” said Leslie Reynolds.  “I’m devastated to hear about this little girl.  This is why we’re here, the reason why we’re doing this.”

A grandmother of three said she never lets her grandchildren out of sight.

“I tell them if I’m going to bathroom at the park, you’re coming with me.  You just never know,” she said.


  • dpk

    We need to stand up as a community and build an express lane for the death sentence when someone like this is unequivocally convicted of such heinous crimes….

  • Mom

    dpk I agree. I’m not sure why so much paper work to have an animal of his kind put down. Upsetting. Poor child

  • wes

    San Francisco loves these people because it is so screwed up there. Our polititions in California fight to save these criminals. This is why democratic Bob Filnner was kicked out for his crazy behavior.

  • Guest

    We put ALL child molester in the general prison population and we will see child molesting fade very fast.

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