2 killed in vehicle crash near Alpine

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FATAL DUI  ACCIDENT IN ALPINEFLINN SPRINGS, Calif. – Two people were killed when a car driven by a repeat drunken driver flew off Interstate 8 west of Alpine, and the CHP said the driver faces likely murder and vehicular homicide charges.

Mario Alberto Castaneda-Carranza, the San Diego man at the wheel, has multiple drunken driving convictions on his record, according to California Highway Patrol officer Kevin Pearlstein.

Two 20-year-old passengers, initially identified as a San Diego woman and a Chula Vista man, were killed. Castaneda-Carranza sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries in the 7:30 a.m. crash, the CHP officer said.

Castaneda-Carranza was allegedly driving his 1997 Nissan Sentra westbound on Interstate 8 at an estimated 70 miles per hour, approaching Lake
Jennings Park Road, when he allowed it to drift into the center divider, Pearlstein said. He overcorrected and the car swerved right, careened through a
chain link fence and then smashed into a concrete culvert, according to the officer.

Pearlstein said the impact of the car’s right side against the drain pipe killed the two passengers, and that drugs and alcohol appeared to have been factors in the crash. Rescue crews accessed the crash from the adjacent 9500 block of Blossom Valley Road, near New Colt Court, a CHP dispatcher said.

Castaneda-Carranza was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital and was facing several charges, including murder due to a previous drunken driving conviction, vehicular homicide and felony drunken driving, according to Pearlstein.


  • Anonymous

    So tired of hearing about DUI drivers who kill others! I would not waste my time locking him up he needs to die!!!!!!! If someone did that to a loved one of mine I would kill them! Let alone he is a Mexican who probably does not belong here! Hope he rots in hell!!! Would luv to kill him myself! Loser!

  • Estacado

    What Mario did was unacceptable, his actions lead to the deaths of two. I know everyone that was in that car, and I assure you they were all great people who we will miss dearly.

  • Dee

    Hey Anonymous….save some of that anger for TEXTING DRIVERS. There are 25 times more of them….drive with an equivalent of a .12% or higher……and thus are MORE dangerous.

  • A friend

    People know the risk when they get in a car with someone who has been drinking. It's as much their fault as it is his. They could have easily said no thanks, and who knows, if they did maybe everyone would still be alive. It's not like he ran over 2 random people on the street, and who knows how 'over-the-limit' he actually was. He is about to go against some big consequences for what he did, not to mention accidentally killing 2 of his friends, so why don't we save all the fascist comments and death wishes for child rapists and real-life murderers. and 'Mario' is a great person too, and doesn't deserve any of this either. It was a horrible accident, one that could happen to anyone at any time. drinking or not. (now, i do not condone drinking and driving at all, i wish no one would ever do it… but i do believe everyone is responsible for their own actions. and as sad as it is, they chose to get in the car, just as much as he is responsible for deciding to drive.)

  • Anonymous

    and if they were still here or even able to look down and talk about what happened to them, they would not blame him, or wish him harm… so what gives all you people the right? (all who read this and agree with comments such as the first one here)

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