Woman arrested after 7 dead infants found in house

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PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — A 39-year-old woman was arrested Saturday after seven bodies of dead infants were discovered in a Pleasant Grove home, and officials said they believe that, over a 10-year period, she gave birth to six of the children then killed them.

Pleasant Grove Police responded to the home at 530 E. 200 North after residents who were cleaning out a garage found what they believed to be a dead infant in a container.

Capt. Michael Roberts, Pleasant Grove PD, said the residents found “a suspicious package with a pungent smell, and they opened the package partially and found what they believed to be a deceased infant in the box and they called police.”

Booking photo of Megan Huntsman in Pleasant Grove, UtahWhen they arrived, police found the infant to be at full term, according to a press release from the Pleasant Grove Police Department.

Roberts said a search warrant was obtained and “subsequently six more bodies of infants were found in separate containers, cardboard boxes.”

According to the press release, “During the course of the investigation information was obtained that; over a 10 year period a 39 year old female gave birth to the infants and then killed them.”

Megan Huntsman was booked into the Utah County Jail and faces six counts of murder. Police officials later told FOX 13 News that there are six charges because investigators believe one of the seven was a stillborn child.

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  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    By the look in her eyes 👀 she knew this day would come.
    I wonder how many dads she's involved with here and what they may know, if at all.

  • ILoveWhenYouHateMe

    I don’t understand why people are that upset. Would it be any different than abortions? Would you have looked twice at her if she had went into a planned parenthood? There’s a few states that let you abort up to the six month pregnancy mark.

    • <?>

      Because she mercilessly did it herself with her own hands to a screaming kid and made more kids to kill later on while they screamed. That's pretty evil to say the least.
      Feel free to minimize it for your cause though.

    • Fred

      You don't understand because you are an idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just shoot her between the eyes and put her out of our misery.

  • Patrick Kelly

    Oh yeah, America is a wonderful country that unfortunately is filled with growing numbers of crazy people. Let’s see, in the most recent round of news we start with another gun nut killing people again at Fort Hood and then quickly move to a 16 year old slashing 21 people with knives at school and then on to yet another gun nut killing three people at two Jewish centers and not to be outdone, we top it all off with a story of a mother who killed seven of her babies over a period of ten years. Sounds like this “advanced civilization” might be going downhill real fast before anyone realizes there might be a problem. Wait, let me turn to Fox News for some fair and balanced answers. Ahhhh yes… double the prison size, make everyone carry a gun to church and eliminate food stamps and Obama care while cutting taxes on the rich. Wow, for a moment I thought there might be some real problem Congress needed to fix. Hand me another beer, will ya…

  • ron

    There is no fcking way this B*TCHES husband didnt know she was pregnant all these times!!! He's just as guilty!!!

  • ron

    Patrick, you are a moron!! Typical California libtard. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself and go kiss Obama's A$$ some more and watch CNN!!

  • kaylaloree

    She deserves a lot worse than a bullet through the head. If I was the father id kill her however she did the child. Poor innocent children, what is wrong with people? Disgusting. And even worse she’ll probably sit in jail and probably be released or put into a mental hospital and be a waste of space and money. Ugh.

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