Suspect in hit-run that killed marine biologist faces 15 years in prison

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SAN DIEGO – A suspected drunk driver accused of a fatal hit-and-run crash killing a 27-year-old marine biologist faces 15 years in prison.


Christopher Stockmeyer III

Christopher Stockmeyer III was charged Monday with four felony counts including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury, driving with measurable alcohol level and hit and run.

Stockmeyer’s bail was increased to $250,000.

Rachel Morrison was crossing the intersection at Camino Del Mar and Coast Boulevard just after 10 p.m. Friday, March 28 when an Audi A-4 ran a stop sign and hit her, a prosecutor said. Her body was found 120 feet away in the bushes.

The driver continued on leaving broken pieces of the Audi and portion of the license plate at the scene, investigators said. The evidence led police to Stockmeyer’s La Jolla apartment at midnight.

An attorney said Stockmeyer smelled of alcohol and told investigators he was drinking early at an Encinitas bar and may have hit someone.

Del Mar Hit and Run

Pictures of the damaged Audi were shown during Christopher Stockmeyer’s arraignment.

Stockmeyer’s blood alcohol content measured .14, but the prosecutor said it should be estimated at .24 due to it being measured five hours after the crash.

Twenty of Morrison’s friends attended the arraignment wearing pink roses in the victim’s honor.  Her family did not appear in court.

Morrison was the oldest child and recently celebrated her 27th birthday. She was in the process of training for the Boston Marathon and was going to run it with her father.


  • Esco

    Take away the "good time served" option here and make him do All that time. Running and leaving someone to die was a pathetic act of cowardice.

  • dailydebacle

    Pathetic excuse of a human being. All he cared about was getting away with drunk driving. No consideration for the person he killed. Well, he'll have plenty of time now to ponder what a worthless life he has led and the damage he has done. No plea deals. Show him the mercy he showed his victim…..NONE!

  • Jay

    How the heck do you drive home with a windshield like that?!? So after he hits her, not only is he dangerously intoxicated but is now driving around drunk with a windshield you can't even see out of? Too bad he didn't run into a light pole after that and save everyone the time and trouble of taking this p.o.s. through court…

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