CHP cracks down on texting drivers

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SAN DIEGO — April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month and the California Highway Patrol is using this time of the year to drive a point home: don’t text and drive.

UCSD study shows adults teens drive distractedStatistics show texting and driving is almost as dangerous as driving while under the influence. CHP officers are going to be looking for people who continue to ignore the law and use their phones while behind the wheel.

“An average text message, where a person looks away from the road, takes four, five, six seconds in duration… in most collisions, drivers only have three second-reaction time, so if you already beyond your capability to even respond to any outside conflict,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Jason Burke.

Officer Burke and other peace officers want people to get the message. Fines start at $159 plus fees. Repeated offenders have to pay even more. And some who don’t get the message, end up paying a bigger price… with their lives.