Teen claims gym tossed her over tank top

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A fitness center in Michigan is under fire after a teenager said she was told to cover up or leave because her outfit was making some people uncomfortable.

tank-topAllison Roth, 17, apparently broke the dress code at Planet Fitness in Waterford Township where she was working out and made other patrons “feel uncomfortable.”

The lacross player told WJBK-TV that she was wearing a tank top while working out and was never informed of the dress code policy when she signed up.

Planet Fitness issued a statement, “Planet Fitness locations are owned and operated by individual franchisees. We have been made aware of this incident and we are looking into the situation.”

WJBK-TV said Roth was offered a lifetime membership at another fitness center in her area.


  • charles

    How is a whiney little girl not getting her way news? Grow up, follow the rules, get over yourself.

  • Ryan

    I think someone should go to the gym less and study more.
    Judgment means: a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion. It does not mean you can do whatever you want. They have a dress code and you broke it then you, end of story.

    The sign is there to tell people NOT TO judge; not to tell you that you can do as you damn well please.

    freaken kids these days.

    • KyMi

      Did you watch the video and see her actual outfit? There are several definitions of judgement and you pulled the one most relevant to YOUR opinion. To judge wisely is to consider all circumstances.

      : an opinion or decision that is based on careful thought
      : the act or process of forming an opinion or making a decision after careful thought :
      : the act of judging something or someone
      : the ability to make good decisions about what should be done
      : the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions
      : an opinion or conclusion: they make subjective judgments about children's skills.

      As someone who is at times irked by women who wear "workout" attire that would seem more suitable for a beach than a gym. I was not at all bothered by her clothes, they fall in line with what a lot of women of all different sizes would wear: a tank top and workout pants. I would be more "uncomfortable" or offended by seeing someone who is wearing something 3 sizes too small. If she were one whose physical shape was less than what others would perceive as "ideal" I'm sure this wouldn't have been an issue. This isn't about her doing as she pleases and this isn't the first case I've seen about Planet Fitness sending people out the door because others are uncomfortable about what other people are wearing, when it's not really that big of a deal. It's about others who are so self-concious and uncomfortable with themselves that they have the power to boot someone out for petty reasons.

      I get the marketing of Planet Fitness, they don't want the stereotypical gym-rats: the men who scream and grunt when they workout; the women wearing booty shorts and bras; or the slim selfie addicts who like to post pictures of themselves in front of the mirror at the gym to say, "look at me, #doingwork". It's supposed to be a welcoming place for people who shy away from the gym because of gym-rats. However, if it is a truly judge-free zone and they make decisions based on an outfit that is nowhere near offensive or indecent, they should really reconsider their motto. In her case, Planet Fitness made her leave on account of someone else who should have been there concentrating on their exercise not concerning themselves with this young lady. It seems like they discriminate more towards people who are trying to maintain their physical fitness.

      P.S. I'm a 30-something year old woman who is fifty pounds overweight after my second child that works out at home.

  • Guest

    People sweating make me uncomfortable, can we throw out all the stinky people that sweat in a gym? How dare they!

  • Sally

    Hmmm…Interesting a fat persons gym, I didn't know they had those around? Maybe the young lady should find herself a gym where they encourage people to exercise.

  • Selenia Nouger

    You have to remember ………….IS MICHIGAN not California, where we don't give a crap what people said. Her outfit is not risque at all. The owner of this particular place is more backward than one from my former country…………………………eickkkkkkkk!!!

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