Sen. Yee indicted for arms trafficking, corruption

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SAN FRANCISCO — Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against state Sen. Leland Yee in court Wednesday, accusing him of conspiring to commit wire fraud and traffic firearms.

In all, 26 people, including former school board president Keith Jackson, were indicted on charges related to an extensive crime ring headed by well-known Chinatown figure Raymond Chow, who was also arrested and charged Wednesday.

The indictment alleges Yee and Jackson defrauded “citizens of honest services” and were involved in a scheme to traffic firearms in exchange for thousands in campaign donations to the senator.

Federal prosecutors also allege Yee agreed to perform official acts in exchange for the money, including one instance in which he introduced a businessman to state legislators who had significant influence over pending medical marijuana legislation. In exchange, the businessman — who was actually an undercover FBI agent — agreed to donate thousands to Yee’s campaign fund, according to the indictment.

The indictment also describes an August 2013 exchange in which Jackson told an undercover officer that Yee had an arms trafficking contact. Jackson allegedly said Yee could facilitate a meeting for a donation.

Chow, who has been connected over the years to the criminal gang Wo Hop To and is known as “Shrimp Boy,” was indicted for money laundering, conspiracy to receive and transport stolen property, and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes.

The indictment was unsealed in federal court in downtown San Francisco after FBI and other law enforcement officials carried out multiple raids early Wednesday. FBI agents also searched Yee’s Sacramento office Wednesday.



  • Steve

    And that's why he was introducing all those anti gun laws… to make the illegal weapons more expensive
    Guillotine baby!

  • SickOfNigs

    Sen. Rerand Ree is representative of ALL democraps (please refer to history). Aren’t you glad there are still retarded fucking idiots out there voting these pieces of shit into office? The world would be a faaaaaar better place if a few billion people were ejected out into space towards the sun.

  • David

    How ironic is this, weapons trafficing. What a hypocrite!! After trying for years to deprive Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. Throw the book at him.

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