Hundreds turn out for teen killed in head-on crash

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RANCHO SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Hundreds of Steele Canyon High School students gathered to remember a 16-year-old classmate who was killed last Thursday while driving to school.

julian fraireFriends and faculty members wrote letters to the family of Julian Fraire, and many stood up to share their stories about the teen.

“My view, he was a genius,” said one student.  “He had so much potential.”

Fraire was remembered by his friends as funny, intelligent, and a lover of music.

Fraire was killed last Thursday when the minivan he was driving crossed the center line of a two lane road and hit a Ford pick-up truck head on.

At the memorial, a woman came forward and told the crowd she witnessed the accident and ran to hold the teen driver.

““I held him best as I could and rubbed his head, talked to him,” she said.  “I can only hope he knew we were there giving him the love he deserved.”

Fraire was involved in an accident the day before he was killed.  He rear-ended one of his friends and suffered minor injuries.

“I really hope that everyone here drives cautiously, because we don’t need to lose another friend,” said one student.

Investigators say Fraire was not texting, but he did receive a call around the time of the accident.  They are checking to see if he was on the phone or if it somehow distracted him.