Alpine man takes neighborhood watch to new heights

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SAN DIEGO – A man in Alpine has a one-of-a-kind Neighborhood Watch that really has little to do with the neighborhood and everything to do with honoring the military.

“You go into neighborhoods and you see a little sign that says neighborhood watch,” said Terry Ulmer, who has missile launcher in his front yard. “Well, this is how we roll out here in Alpine in the valley. We’re the real deal!”

missileAnd then some! Ulmers’ six-acre property sits above a quiet country road and his neighborhood watch sign adorns two surface-to-air missiles built with his own hands.

“This is the Mark 10 Twin Arm Guided Missile Launcher,” said, Ulmer. “The very first one was put on ships in 1959, and they ran these all the way out until the 80’s.”

Ulmer’s entire property pays tribute his love of everything Navy, World War II in particular and veterans of Pearl Harbor.

“I really feel they are the greatest generation. So I started building this in their honor. I just wanted to do something for them,” he said.

Along with 15 friends, it took Ulmer 8 months to build the pilot’s house. Everything is original and is built exactly like a 1943 Navy Destroyer.

He started collecting while working for the Navy, but most of the historical relics were actually given to him by strangers who learned of his living memorial.

With an open bridge and auxiliary everything – it even has a flag bag.

Back in the day, ships used international flags to communicate on the high seas.

“These flags are in honor of my launcher,” explained Ulmer.“These flags say Mark 10.”

Not everyone in the neighborhood appreciates his infamous neighborhood watch missiles.

“They got a little nervous over there at that one house,” Ulmar said, pointing to a neighbor’s home. “She says, ‘Gee Terry, do you have to be pointing it my way!”



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