Man arrested after egg attack on meter maid

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SAN DIEGO — A 20-year-old man faces multiple counts of battery after he threw raw eggs at a parking enforcement officer from the balcony of his apartment, police said.

Lorin Daniel Moll was arrested Monday morning after a female parking control officer called for backup after she was hit by an egg and called for police backup, San Diego police Sgt. Robert Schenkelberg said. When the first officer arrived at the apartment complex on Mildred Street, Moll was still hurling eggs, Schenkelberg added.

“She called patrol officers. They located the gentleman. She identified him and we arrested him,” the sergeant said.

EggAttackArrestMoll, who told officers they were going to make him miss a class, was handcuffed and taken to jail in a police cruiser.

The parking control officer, who asked not to be identified, said the car she was ticketing did not belong to Moll.

“He was just being a dipstick,” she said.

Anyone who assaults a parking control officer faces “the same kind of penalties they face if they assault a police officer,” Shenkelberg said. “You’re assaulting someone who has a badge. We take that very seriously.”

Moll could be charged with five counts of misdemeanor assault on a public official, the sergeant said.


  • Omar

    Assault chargers for broken yolks and egg shells? What a joke, but in truth , it's not . Arresting someone and dragging them through the justice system over something so petty is pathetic. It's a waste of time , money , and resources , resources that the city and county to use wisely fighting real crime.

    • Mark K

      Omar you’re an idiot. So if I threw eggs at you, you wouldn’t want me hauled off to jail??? Seriously? You’re a moron.

      • Omar

        Mark you could call me names all you want, but no, I wouldn't want to see you hauled off to jail with 5 assault charges. I don't believe breaking an agg over some is considered a "violent attack".

  • Mark K

    He seems like one of those rich kid douchebags that live in La Jolla or PB. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  • Elduderino

    Regardless of your opinion, the LAW defines this as battery against a public officer. The problem here is not the law, it’s the idiot throwing eggs. It’s okay, keep making excuses for him.

  • denise

    Omar, It didn’t say he broke an egg over her head, said he was throwing them from his balcony. I’m guessing they probably hurt like hell..

  • B20

    The fact that our daily news has come to relaying a story about a kid throwing eggs at the meter maid ticketing his roommate's truck followed by the police entering the closed door to his house to drag him out to the street and arrest him is a sad statement about the media and our society. There are people being murdered, tortured and dying of horrible diseases every day, yet fox news can't seem to find anything better to talk about than this…pathetic and disturbing.

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