Congressmen want answers about ATF raid on gun store

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SAN DIEGO — Two San Diego congressmen want to know why federal agents raided an Oceanside gun parts store last weekend and what the government plans to do with the computers and customer lists it confiscated.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) sent a letter to the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Friday asking for information about the raid on Ares Armor last Saturday. The store owner had been granted an injunction by a judge to prevent the raid, but BATFE agents served a search warrant on the business anyway.


In a letter to BATFE Director Todd Jones, Issa asked

  • why customer information unrelated to the investigation was collected,
  • what BATFE intends to do with the data,
  • how BATFE will insure that the customer data remains confidential.

Another member of the San Diego congressional delegation, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) has also expressed concerns over the raid. Issa said he wants BATFE officials to explain what the investigation is about.

“It’s concerning when you have the ATF disregard an injunction and get another judge to sign a warrant, so I want to see what happened,” Issa told Fox 5 Thursday. “Tomorrow members of my staff will be sitting down with officials to see why they raided that shop, and I’m deeply concerned about the collection of customer lists who have nothing to do with the controversy.”


  • normal guy

    Dad said no so they went to mom……

    Judges should be flipping their shit right now! Your Honor, I hate to inform you that your injunction doesn't mean shit. Everyone's time has been wasted since another Judge can override your injunction with a warrant. Good news is think of all the court time and personnel that has been freed up since injunctions are no longer valid. No reason to spend all those resources on creating them.

    • Mike Rogers

      No – bunch of lawless thugs who need to be stopped.
      I don't dig congressional grandstanding, but we send them to represent us, and the ATF is working against our interests, therefore the congressmen from the district are properly making a fuss about it.

      • Justthinkin

        I agree. Too many of these agencies work independently and don't have a good check and balance. I worked with an agency of 85 Judges. They do insert their own beliefs whether they mean to or not. And they DO get pissed when another Judge steps on their toes, and when Attys Judge shop. They don't forget that. Like a dysfunctional family. Like anything else, lots of them are good and at least several of them are not. My feelings about ours are out of the 85 I would say about 20 were not good. Self promoting, political agendas, control issues and a love for grandstanding. I would love to see the Senators and all, address the particular Director and ask exact questions. The above is the legal etiquette. Play nice at first whenever possible. This is a good time for butt kickin first.

        As for Fred, I would say he's definitely liberal, though he may deny it. I know people that can live with their head in the clouds and say all is fine and they don't care about the details of what's happening on earth. Just don't bother them. Don't be too serious. Leave well enough alone. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I misinterpreted his comments and they are just anti politician. Regardless, the issue is serious and deserves something, even if it's whining politicians.

  • Guest

    If Federal Agencies don't want to comply with the law it will be up to the citizens to do a tax sanction against the Government until the Government comes into compliance with the law.

    • teebonicus

      If federal agencies can use force to serve a search warrant, then we can resist with any means necessary to enforce an injunction that has been secured a priori against the search.

      Sauce for the gander.

  • babyhuey321

    I always respect Our men on the front lines but when they cross a line like this, they lose credibility! "High ups" gave an illegal/unconstitutional order and the AFT followed that order, ,SAD. They should of refused and should of quit and sued for compensation due to being asked to unethically and Unconstitutionally break the law!
    What law you ask? Well an 80% receiver is LEGAL to sell. The ATF is claiming that the polymer 80% receivers from EP Armory were done in a 2 stage process and thus are illegal however they know this to be false, the ATF Agents know this to be a false and not true yet they went ahead with a raid because their bosses said to, not because it was a legitimate claim. That means they were acting outside the law!
    Strictly speaking, a KNOWN false accusation or an unconstitutional statute is not a "law", and should not be called a "law", even if it is sustained by a court, for a finding that a statute or other official act is constitutional does not make it so, or confer any authority to anyone to enforce it.

    All citizens and legal residents of the United States, by their presence on the territory of the United States, are subject to the militia duty, the duty of the social compact that creates the society, which requires that each, alone and in concert with others, not only obey the Constitution and constitutional official acts, but help enforce them, if necessary, at the risk of one's life.

    Any unconstitutional act of an official will at least be a violation of the oath of that official to execute the duties of his office, and therefore grounds for his removal from office. No official immunity or privileges of rank or position survive the commission of unlawful acts. If it violates the rights of individuals, it is also likely to be a crime, and the militia duty obligates anyone aware of such a violation to investigate it, gather evidence for a prosecution, make an arrest, and if necessary, seek an indictment from a grand jury, and if one is obtained, prosecute the offender in a court of law.

    AND FYI…….Kevin De Leon (Senator in CA) is the reason for this and he'e been implicated in FRAUD CASE! TRAITORS ARE A FOOT EVERYWHERE, WAKE UP AMERICA!

    State Sen. Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) allegedly maneuvered a deal between two senate colleagues that resulted in a $25,000 payoff for a blood relative of one of them, and amended workers comp legislation that eventually helped the owner of a Long Beach hospital indulge in what the FBI is calling “large-scale health care fraud.” YET HE ISNT IN JAIL AND LOOKS TO BE THE FRONT RUNNER FOR THE MAJORITY LEADER IN CALIFORNIA! TALK ABOUT TREASON YET NO ONE IS UPSET! NOW U ALL KNOW WHY I CHOSE THE NAME I USE. 

  • cabinetguy

    This makes about as much sense as the " police raid " on that strip club a few weeks ago. Made everyone get undressed " in the back locker room " to take pictures of their tattoos . So we would all be safer. Makes one wonder what is going on with " law enforcement " anymore,huh?

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  • Mike Rogers

    ATF is an illegitimate agency in any case:
    The Federal government does not have the delegated authority to regulate firearms at all, and regulation of alcohol and tobacco are properly under the purview of the states.
    Aside from that, these are the Redcoats, and we just witnessed a raid on our armory – send Paul Revere to round up the Patriots and let us defend our gun stores before they are driven out of business.

  • notyourtypicalmoron

    What should really piss off every American is that the shadow government can sidestep a court ruling using a so-called secret court. If you have not figured out yet that the ruling elite have nothing but contempt for the American people. If we do not toss this bunch of criminals to the curb and take back our true representative democratic republic we can say goodbye to any chance our children ever had to enjoy the life that so many fought and died for. Any sense of freedom you might think we have is a pure illusion. Just in my life alone I have seen an America that was a hundred times more free than what we have now. I am utterly shocked that we tolerate the abuses I witness every single day by the ruling elite. I know for sure that every soldier I served with in the military was willing to die to prevent what passes for normal today. Both the Democrats and Republicans are criminals with very, very few exceptions. You need to throw out every single government official in the federal, state and city level if you want to stop this insanity. The conspiracy is global. We have been sold out to the Luciferian one world entity ruled by the Zionist royal bloodlines of the Anglo-Dutch so-called Illuminati. Every one of these conspirators in government is 100% committed to doing the bidding of their rulers. This is why you NEVER see your representatives doing anything truly good for anyone. We have been sold into slavery and most of us are too stupid to realize it. This is probably the most real thing you have read in your lifetime. Most of your knowledge of the world is based on total misconceptions and the ideas and concepts you have in your brain was explicitly put there to rule you without any resistance. You are also being poisoned in hundreds of ways, which is decreasing your capacity to even put up an intelligent argument, let alone an intelligent resistance to these people. We all really need to awaken from this state of almost total ignorance NOW!

  • Justthinkin

    That was a pretty wimpy request from the Senator. Agressive grandstanding doesn't work, but it would be nice to hear some real insisting on answers from a particular ATF director, for exact answers. No beating around the bush or vague answers. Demand the answer of what will be done with the names that aren't relative to the investigation and raid. And exactly how they will be sure not to retain the names on the list that were not relavent. How can they do that? Those extra names are in the Govt and ATF database forever.

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