Woman stabbed on trolley in fight over seat

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SAN DIEGO — A woman was hospitalized Tuesday afternoon after she was stabbed on the San Diego Trolley, police said.

trolley crimeThe 53-year-old victim was traveling on the Orange Line in Sherman Heights at around 3:30 p.m. when she was stabbed by a female attacker, police said.

Witnesses told Fox 5 News, the attacker had her feet up on the seat and was not allowing others to sit there. She reportedly got into an argument with the older woman who was stabbed twice, once in the abdomen and once in the arm.

The trolley stopped at 25th and Commercial streets after the attack, and the victim was taken to a local hospital. Her wounds were not life-threatening, investigators said.

Police arrested a female suspect and recovered a weapon.


  • Guest

    Yet another reason you don't see Doctors, Lawyers or City Officials taking public transportation, it just ain't done.

    • bruce

      The reason doctors, lawyers and city officials don't take the trolley is simple: they have cars and don't need to take public transportation. Schoolkids, the elderly, the working poor, and the middle class person whose license was suspended for DUI are those who take the buses or trolley.

    • Cristina

      Completely ignorant & insensitive comment on your part…an innocent unsuspecting 53year old woman was stabbed..think of your mother, sister, daughter..I am a professional and I ride the trolley, what does profession have to do with anything? It simply saves money. I was also mugged at 47th st trolley stop two men..I was lucky to not have been hurt…my prayers go out to the woman..the real question is…how can MTS increase its security for the well-being of EVERYONE!

  • Jenna

    I’m a doctor at UCSD & I take the trolley & bus to work everyday because it saves gas money. Profession has nothing to do with it. There are actually several hospital employees that are doctors, nurses, & other staff that take the trolley & bus as well.

  • john vandra

    The best to handle a scenario like this is walk away.Unless,they seem cooperative.There are alot of self esteem lacking,ego maniacs with an inferiority complex on public transportation.This episode should serve as a reminder.

  • Trolley Nigger

    Ya’ll niggas don’t be knowins about chimpin’ out on purple drank. I’m finna ta getz me sum. Ooga booga nigga!!!

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