Sweetwater teachers threaten strike

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — About 1,400 teachers are threatening to walk off the job next month unless their union can negotiate a new contract with the  Sweetwater Union High School District.

Ninety percent of teachers in the district voted to approve a strike if a deal was not reached.

On Monday, hundreds of teachers protested at the district offices calling on the board members to respond to claims that the superintendent retracted a signed contract for health benefits. The monthly meeting set for Monday was canceled on short notice, creating even more distrust for an education board that is under investigation for corruption.

“These people can not run a school district. They can’t even schedule a meeting,” said former teacher and activist John Brickley.

A meeting is scheduled for March 25, but that is during spring break and two board members say they already have plans and will have to miss that meeting as well.

Union members said they will strike in early April if there is no progress with contract talks.


  • fred

    Yep….complete greed by the teachers union. Then they'll all say it's not about money blah blah blah it's about the kids. Buck up people, we pay higher premiums now because you morons voted in this complete clueless leader who imposed this horrible health care law with all your union backed demoncrats in Congress so now it's time you pay YOUR FAIR SHARE! Enjoy the higher premiums just like the rest of us. Maybe next time you'll think twice about being little lemmings and following your demoncrat union bosses who tell you how to vote and who to vote for. Ah ha ha ha….

  • Guest

    It is about time this teachers went on strike, we need to have lie detector tests done on all of the teachers, "Do you find children sexy?" yes? Don't hire, fire! Strike to save the children!!!

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