Deportees accused of gaming system by requesting asylum

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SAN DIEGO — There is mounting outrage over a growing number of deportees trying to get back into the United States by requesting political asylum.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.59.30 AMOn Monday, 30 previously deported immigrants went to the Otay Mesa Border Crossing Facility in San Diego County seeking asylum. Fox 5 News learned that more will do the same on Thursday.

“It’s clearly a way to game the system, and that’s what this is all about,” said former U.S. Attorney Pete Nuñez. “They don’t fit the definition.”

The Department of Homeland Security says that to qualify for asylum,  a person must be “an alien in the United States who is unable or unwilling to return to his/her country of origin due to persecution.”

That’s the claim being made by these deportees, who are trying to reunite with their families in the United States.

The claim is warranted, “because they’ve lived in the U.S., they’re targeted, they’re persecuted,” said Dulce Guerrero, who is assisting the deportees through the ‘Bring Them Home’ campaign.

“Mexico is not Afghanistan,” said Nuñez, who argues the asylum status is meant to go to people fleeing war zones and natural disasters, not deported immigrants.

Nuñez believes many deportees are learning specific phrases they can say at a border facility, such as “I have a legitimate fear,” that automatically qualified them for consideration for asylum.

According to the Department of Homeland Security over 36,000 credible fear claims were made in 2013, more than double the number (13,391) in 2012.

Once an asylum request is made, it must be approved by an immigration judge during a hearing.  Nuñez and other critics say getting a court date in front of an immigration judge can sometimes take weeks or longer. He says often immigrants are released to their families and asked to come back for a hearing, but many do not, blending back into communities illegally.

“There are hundreds of thousands of outstanding warrants for people who’ve failed to show up at immigration hearings,” said the former U.S. Attorney.


  • Liberty?

    Enough! When will Americans stand up and not allow these invaders to ruin the USA any further than they already have!

    State by state these criminals are tearing apart the very fabric of this great nation. Deport all illegal aliens and stop the anchor baby program.

    If you don't stand up for our country now, it will end up like the third world mess of mexico and the rest of central and south america.

  • Guset

    They is talk that people waiting their turn on foreign soils to become American Citizens are going to start filing lawsuits against the Government and these invaders.

    • Laura

      While trying to thumbs down this comment I thumbs upped it with my butterfingers, that being said: That's a bit extreme. Legal or not they are still people. How dare you propose the murder of people based on their country of origin. You Fred remind me very much of a certain man by the name of Hitler. I hope you get off your couch, take a look around and see that there are actual PEOPLE that are affected by the separation from their families. Yes I completely agree that people who want to be here should go through the appropriate channesl, yes I think the path to becoming a citizen and taxpayer needs to be easier, but NEVER would I suggest genocide. Shame on you.

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