Cop shoots drug suspect at motel

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SAN DIEGO — A 28 year-old drug suspect was hospitalized and four deputy U.S. Marshals were treated for minor injuries after an officer-involved shooting in the parking lot of a Point Loma motel, authorities said Wednesday.

Point Loma OISThe suspect, who had been the subject of a multi-agency search for about 70 minutes, was found sitting behind the wheel of a white VW Jetta in the parking lot of the Ramada on the 2900 block of Garrison Street around 8 p.m. Wednesday, San Diego Police Department Lt. Jorge Duran said.

When police attempted to arrest the suspect, a 28 year-old man, he rammed two unmarked police vehicles and a marked patrol vehicle before striking an SDPD patrol officer in the leg, Duran said.

Fearing for his safety, the officer fired multiple rounds at the suspect, who was struck several times, Duran said.

Duran said the suspect was a fugitive, wanted for weapons and narcotics violations. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was in serious but stable condition, Duran said.

The patrol officer and four Deputy U.S. Marshals were all treated for minor injuries, Duran said. He said the officer who fired the shots at the suspect was a five-year veteran of the police department.


  • John Doe

    Its funny, this was one of the first stories posted and the longer time goes on, the bigger and more dramatic the story gets. This guy is gonna be screwed by the time the cops are done with him. The even funnier thing is, the cops aren't even telling the whole truth. The guy shot didn't even have a warrant out for his arrest and was not currently on parole or probation, the cops wanted his girl/friend for a parole violation BECAUSE SHE LEFT REHAB. Was this big man hunt really necessary or a power trip and a waste of money? I wonder what else the cops said that was a little exaggerated because the guy that got shot would take the shirt off his back for ANY person in need.

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