Attorney General challenges SD concealed weapons ruling

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SAN DIEGO – State Attorney General Kamala Harris Thursday filed a petition urging the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a ruling — rendered in a San Diego-area lawsuit — that loosened restrictions on the ability to carry concealed guns.

In the Feb. 13 decision, the court asserted that San Diego County violated the Second Amendment by requiring people to show “good cause” beyond a mere desire to carry a hidden firearm when applying for a concealed-carry weapons permit.

Guns“Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon,” Harris said. “I will do everything possible to restore law enforcement’s authority to protect public safety, and so today am calling on the court to review and reverse its decision.”

Currently, state law requires people to demonstrate a valid reason to carry a concealed gun and gives local law enforcement control over the permit process.

If the Ninth Circuit’s ruling in Peruta v. County of San Diego is allowed to take effect, officials throughout the state could be required to issue concealed-carry permits based on nothing more than the applicant’s assertion that they wish to carry a gun for self-defense, according to Harris.

In the San Diego area, concealed-carry permit applicants previously had been required to demonstrate “a set of circumstances that distinguish the applicant from the mainstream and causes him or her to be placed in harm’s way.”

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore announced Friday that he would not seek further review of the Ninth Circuit ruling.


  • wes

    Kamala Harris is crazy. She believes if you cry about something the people will give in. “No” I am so tired of these people. We have a right to bear arms and I am so sick of the 1% who are offended by my pro gun view. If someone has a different view from them they want to shame you into submission. If you are against guns go to Europe were they will love to have you. Don’t pass under the counter regulations and taxes on us. This is why CA is broke and swerling the drain.

  • jake

    With out the second amendment we will not be able to keep the first. It is funny how our children can not wear an American flag t-shirt to school with out being told to remove it or turn it inside out. The leftwingers are going to make us have a civil war. We have lost our edge and we need to clean house.

  • ron

    Funny when the courts rule your way it's fine, but when you liberal fcks dont like what they say , that's a different story!!! ISSUE THE FCKING PERMITS BITCH!!!


    It's about time the Ninth Circus Court of Schameels did something right. I am so sick of these progressives trying to change every aspect of American life. If you don't like America leave us alone and get thefuck out.

  • Michael Ejercito

    “Local law enforcement must be able to use their discretion to determine who can carry a concealed weapon,” Harris said in a statement announcing the court filing.

    What could go wrong with that?

    Did anything go wrong when local law enforcement used their discretion to determine whether to engage in racial profiling?

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