Vista man helps restrain violent passenger on flight to LAX

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LOS ANGELES — Vista residents Brea and Jill Wyckoff just wanted to sleep on their Sunday flight to LAX after their missionary trip to the Philippines.  But the 14 hour flight was spent keeping an eye on a passenger who allegedly got drunk and assaulted flight attendants.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 53 year-old Edgar Nonga, Lakewood, was on Philippine Airlines flight 112 from Manila to Los Angeles when a couple of passengers and the flight crew restrained him after he was refused more alcoholic drinks and became irate.

“I watched him growl as he pulled down the food tray.  He was trying to break his food tray — he started slamming the tray as hard as he could,” said Brea Wyckoff.

The situation got worse as Nonga allegedly swore at flight attendants and punched one in the face.

Wyckoff said he anmanilla-airlines-you-tubed another passenger jumped into action when Nonga tried to punch another crew member.

“Then he started to do fake punches toward him and then he went for a full punch and missed him.  We launched ourselves at him,” said Wyckoff.  “We pulled him back and said, ‘Sir, you are going down right now.’  We forced him to his knees, to his stomach.”

Wyckoff said he took it upon himself to babysit Nonga for the remainder of the flight.  Wyckoff also posted a video to YouTube that shows authorities taking Nonga away after the plane landed.

“I have never done anything like this in my life.  Nor do I care to ever do it again,” said Wyckoff.


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