Wife defends latest cop accused of misconduct

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The wife of a San Diego police officer accused of misconduct spoke to Fox 5 Thursday about the allegations against him.

DonnieMultiple sources told Fox 5 the latest officer under investigation for sexual misconduct is Donald Moncrief, 39.

A woman arrested last year for auto theft told investigators Moncrief touched her inappropriately and exposed himself during her transport to Las Colinas jail.

Outside Moncrief’s Chula Vista home Thursday afternoon his wife defended him.

“Come on, please. Who would throw their career away? Would you throw your career away for a criminal? Come on,” she said.

In a profile posted on a website for the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization, Moncrief describes himself as a “defensive tactics instructor” for SDPD. He also wrote that he was a brown belt instructor in the Marine Corps Martial Arts and that he trained in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

According to a boxing website, Moncrief participated in the 2012 “SoCal Battle of the Badges” where he fought in honor of late San Diego Police Officer Jeremy Henwood. The website describes Moncrief as Henwood’s “close friend.”

A newsletter by the San Diego Police Officer’s Association also identifies Moncrief as a member of the San Diego Police Department Honor Guard as of October 2011.

Chief William Lansdowne said he would not confirm the name of the officer under investigation unless charges are filed. Wednesday he said he believed the allegations against the officer were “credible.”

Moncrief is a six-year veteran with the San Diego Police Department.


    • Fred

      What if it is true??

      The stupid cops do this to these types of people because they know this is the way it will go and the accuser will probably not say anything.

      Guess what?

  • itcouldbrUnext

    Regardless if he did it or not, the media is ensuring his downfall by releasing his name. Due process is going the way of privacy.

  • dailydebacle

    If I was him and knew I was innocent, I'd just start making a list for future lawsuits. He'll have a bigger payday as an ex-cop if the charges are unfounded and his good name and career were dragged through the mud. Unfortunately, us taxpayers will be picking up the tab.

  • Michael

    "“Come on, please. Who would throw their career away? Would you throw your career away for a criminal? Come on,” she said"

    Ummm we JUST convicted another of doing the same thing so, yes, officers will do dumb things to ruin their career.

  • moni

    Innocent until proven guilty! To all you ignorant people, no charges have heen filed. These people have families an their privacy should be respected!

  • Greg

    I feel bad for this Officer. It was all over the news about the payday the victims a few years ago and also from the old mayor issues. This criminal is trying to beat the system at the expense of this Officer and his family. I wish they would give the accuser a lie detector. It would end this horrible experience for this Officer and his family. So sad for them

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