Officer kills immigrant near border

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SAN DIEGO — A U.S. Border Patrol officer shot and killed a suspected illegal immigrant on a mountain trail in the Otay Mesa area Tuesday, authorities said.

The shooting was reported just before 7 a.m.  about five miles east of  Paseo de la Fuente and Alta Road in rugged mountain terrain, according to San Diego County sheriff’s Lt. Jason Vickery.

Helicopter video showed the body of a man sprawled across rocks in a ravine on Otay Mountain, several hundred feet below a dirt road.

The shooting took place as two Border Patrol officers were chasing after a group of people suspected of illegally crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, officials from U.S. Customs and Border Protection told reporters. The officers became separated and one of the suspects threw a rock at one of the officers, hitting him in the face or head, authorities said. The officer feared for his life and shot the man with his service weapon, killing him, according to the officials.

The border officers took two other suspects into custody.

The officer who shot the man has not been identified. He was treated for minor injuries.

Sheriff’s homicide detectives are handling the shooting investigation. They have set up a command post in the 400 block of Alta Road.


  • John

    FBI is investigating because that's what they always do… it's a standard practice, not necessarily because they suspect the agent of something.

  • gerry

    Agent just "shot and killed somebody" Fox 5? No mention as to why, when everybody else is citing initial reports of rock throwing…

  • Old V210

    Why would a Fox news channel use the term "IMMIGRANT" as opposed to the correct term suspected ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL? Also, how many years has there been US Border Patrol along the southern border? You would think FNC would understand that they are all AGENTS, not OFFICERS. The US Customs who work in the booths at the Ports of Entry are OFFICERS. They (FNC) also made sure to mention "MINOR injuries" as if the Agent should have waited until sustaining serious bodily injury before defending him/herself? How irresponsible of whoever wrote this crap. You would think FNC would have a reporter that was an expert on border issues.

  • Jesus

    As a fellow mexican, what a dumbass! “Um, what should I do, run back to the border or take some rocks to a gun fight?” I think we know the answer, Paco. (I know I could of gone with Juan or Jose but it will do)

  • Guest

    I know what an illegal alien is but what is an immigrant? An immigrant is one who moves to a foreign land legally, this doesn't appear to be an immigrant.

  • pete

    So tired every time a Mexican gets caught they play the racist bit . And wanna blame the border patrol for doing there job maybe this will help so that others don't try that bs anymore.If it happen in mexico you would not say shit.

  • porttabacco

    When an illegal invader tries to enter the U.S. illegally it should be cited as an ACT OF WAR against the American people!
    We need more guns at our southern border! This is a take over of the United States allowed
    by recent administrations that aren't worth a damn! President Eisenhower and President Kennedy
    protected this nation from foreign invaders.

  • Jason

    Once removed from the nationalistic patriotism that solidifies the institutionalized racism we can see that a person lost their life while violating an immigration law that was created over 100 years ago to keep out the growing Chinese population that was relocating from a violent and hostile China. Considering more than half of the world's population survives on less than $2/day and the United States is the lone global empire is it any wonder that immigrants risk their lives to come here? One needs only to look at the history of NAFTA, the Mexican American War, creation and now privatization of PEMEX and the U.S. sponsored War on Drugs to understand why millions of people from Central and South America continue to cross the border looking for a descent paying job.

    • Michael

      Have you ever been in Mexico? Do you know who are the Zetas or MS13? Caballeros Templarios or Sinaloa Cartel? How about La Familia Michoacana? Do you how many criminal aliens are deported after they finish their time in prison every day? Do you want these people as your neighbors? SHUT UP and think about it. Hundreds are deported via San Ysidro Port of Entry, CA every day, straight out of prison and they remain in the Tijuana area to try to come back to the US. A big percent of them are documented gang members. When you get struck by a rock on the middle of the night you dont know if is a regular alien of a criminal alien. Would you try your chances?

    • Old V210

      Jason, can you tell us which countries in the world do NOT have immigration laws? how about Mexico, do they have immigration laws? I believe it is a felony to enter or be in Mexico in violation of their laws. Jason do you believe in personal responsibility? Do you believe Agents (any Law Enforcement) has a RIGHT to return to their families safe and sound after each and every shift? Sure, every Agent understands the risks….yet, they NEVER surrendered the right to defend themselves or others. Also Jason, can you PLEASE tell us all exact what RACE are Illegal Alien Criminals? You do understand that they (these criminals) come from every country in the world. they are made up of people of all races, religions, creeds, ethnicity, gender and sexual preferences….so, please where is the racism? Do you know if the Agent involved was Hispanic? White? African American?

      • Old V210

        Part II to Jason
        Stop with the emotional sleeve. The blame is on each and every politician at the city, state and federal level who support AMNESTY! The Illegal Alien criminals have a choice…comply with LWFUL orders given by United States Law Enforcement Officials. If they fail to do so, the agents will do what is necessary to make the arrest(s). If the suspected Illegal Alien criminals use deadly force against an agent or that force that can or might cause serious bodily injury, guess what? The agents will use that force THEY deem necessary to STOP the threat against them or others. So, you almost had me in tears with your open border views……Next time, tell the Illegal Alien criminals to knock on our front door and ASK permission to legally enter these United Stated.

        Let's not forget the 19 hijackers of 09/11/2001 fame were all ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS!

    • Zonie

      Curious of something, have you ever been hit in the head with a rock? Well I have and it felt like my head was a glass vase being smashed on concrete! What happened was more than enough reason to retaliate with deadly force.

    • Jason

      Please, keep the brainwashed comments coming….To answer all of your assumptions, YES, I have been to Mexico and I have heard of all of those criminal organizations. Ironically, I see more organized crime in the United States and can make the educated observation that both are driven by dis-equilibrated social structures resulting in violence, crime, unemployment, and alcohol and drug abuse….all rooted in poverty. YES, I am a liberal because I believe in a democracy where the rights of the minority are still just as important as the tyranny of the majority. Also, the 20 million undocumented immigrants in this country, to include visa overstays from countries other than Central and South America, make up 10% of the undocumented immigrants worldwide…..again, driven by three factors: join a militia group, die, or migrate. Sympathy for an individual that has voluntarily become an instrument of their own oppression by joining a law enforcement agency to enforce arbitrary laws that do nothing to promote the goodwill of humanity will not come from me. The same can be said of Nazi soldiers that just followed orders. That being said, they should be able to make it home to their loved ones, but I guess that is why they get paid so much….they know the risks of their chosen career path. I do not need anyone to explain the "use of force' continuum to me, I have worked over 12 years in law enforcement, both military and federal. And OLD V210, comparing migrant workers escaping the harsh conditions of their exploited native land is not equivalent to terrorists from Saudi Arabia (ironically, an ally to the U.S.). And if that was the case, they entered from Canada and airports inside the US, so more border patrol on the southern border would not have kept them out. The race of the agent is not necessary to state the obvious fact that the Immigration and Naturalization Act is racist because it was first written to exclude people of color form entering the US….and it still does. You guys have a nice day and think about this one…When government, industry and finance capital (big banks) become partners in production and while displaying excessive symbolism of patriotism to rally the populace to a nationalistic pride that justifies the promotion of one race or class above another you have a fascist state…..look familiar? Welcome to the fascist states of America that is ruled by corporations and subjected to a domestic dictator. :-)

  • guest

    If Obama's Fast and Furious had not been shut down, the poor worker trying to make a better life for himself may have stood a chance. I blame Bush.

  • Gabriel

    The agent deserves to go back to his family after every shift!! It appears this incident took place during night hours, imagine, when most hard working people are sleeping, these agents are working these rugged areas trying to protect the American public from foreign criminals.



  • Pat

    White European "immigrants": captured the land of the Native Americans……Now they shot outsiders because of a thrown rock? This country is headed for disaster. Karma is a bitch.

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