Caltrans signs urge drivers to save water

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SAN DIEGO — The California Department of Transportation is using more than 700 electronic highway signs to raise awareness about the state’s severe drought.

The statewide educational campaign is in response to last month’s declaration of a drought emergency by Gov. Jerry Brown.

In his proclamation, Brown said the state’s rivers and reservoirs are at alarming levels and ordered Californians to cut back at least 20 percent of their water use.

Brown also ordered state agencies to prepare for water shortages and launch water conservation campaigns.

“Caltrans has taken action to sharply restrict water usage,” Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty said. “Using our highway message signs, we are asking California’s 24 million drivers to join us in this important effort.”

Many of the electronic signs will read: Serious drought. Help save water.

The messages will only be activated when there are no emergency or traffic safety messages or Amber Alerts.



  • guest

    I hate the thought that California is in this huge drought, but Hotels and new homes keep getting the okay to be built. I understand that the city gets huge amounts of revenue from these Hotels and new homes projects, but don't come out and tell me to do my part and conserve water so someone else can benefit and make a ton of money. sorry, just the way i feel.

  • Fred

    Caltrans needs to save water too !!!

    Too many times it is raining outside and their sprinklers are going on the 94.

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