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Surf dog helps make terminally ill teen’s dream a reality

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SAN DIEGO – Surf dog “Ricochet” helped make a wish come true for a 15-year-old teen with terminal brain cancer Wednesday afternoon.


Caleb Acosta flew from Florida to San Diego to catch some waves at Del Mar’s dog beach with Ricochet, the only known dog in the world that surfs with people with disabilities.


Acosta was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer last summer. When Make-A-Wish approached Acosta, he said “I saw this cool dog on ESPN that surfs with children” and wished he could surf with her.

His surfing adventure with the surf dog was even better than what he expected.

The pain he has endured from surgeries seemed to ease as he and Ricochet rode the waves.

“I started riding the wave and all of the pain [in my spine] left and it was so fun,” Acosta said.



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