Harlem Globetrotter inspires Girl Scouts

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SAN DIEGO – One of the most versatile Harlem Globetrotters players Bull Bullard came to San Diego a few days early to visit the local Girl Scouts to show them some moves and provide a few lessons on how to live their dreams.

“Follow your dreams, make sure you stay in school, make sure you study, do your homework,” said Bullard. “That’s how you make it. Make sure you do your homework, study a lot, be focused and have fun with it. Just like everything you do in life, you’ve got to have fun with it.”

Standing at 6-feet, 4-inches, the Detroit native spent his junior high years in foster care. It was during that time that his foster mom encouraged him to pick up basketball. He took that passion and earned a spot with the Globetrotters in 2008.

“He’s just such a big player. He told his story of coming from nothing and through handwork and dedication – made it,” said Girl Scout Anna Maria Nacheta.  “He has makes me think of myself and  makes me want to do even better, try even harder at basketball. I can make myself maybe one day to get where he is.”

Nacheta hopes to use this new inspiration to re-instate the basketball program at the San Diego Girl Scouts headquarters.

The troops are also in the midst of Operation Thin Mint, which raises money to send cookies overseas to members of the U.S. Military.

The Harlem Globetrotters are scheduled to be in San Diego for a show at the Valley View Casino Center Friday nights 7 p.m.

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